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Audience Contact Analysis

Posting Date: January 30 to February 5, 2017

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DUE DATE: February 5, 2017


Student Name: Yakira Ruiz-Calderon

Date:   01/15/17                     

Name of Company/Brand: JP Morgan Chase

Category: Bank


Instructions: Please follow the instructions specified in Exercise
1 in the Assignment Tab on the Course Menu. Save this Worksheet to your
desktop. Answer each question using the space you need. Upload your completed
Worksheet to the Assignment Drop box by the due date: February 5, 2017.


Answer the following questions using this worksheet:

and describe the company or
brand that you have chosen for this exercise and provide a reason why for your choice.


JP Morgan Chase is a company
with assets of $2.6 trillion. This company is currently being operated in more
than 60 countries with more than 240,000 employees worldwide, serving millions
of clients and small businesses as well. In addition, this company also serves
government clients and institutional as well. This company is a leader of
investment banking, their stock is a component of Dow Jones Industrial Average.
This company is also one of the oldest institutions in the U.S, with a history
of over 200 years. I chose this company because this is a very successful
corporation with millions of clients that operate worldwide, over 19 million
customers use the mobile app, which increased 20% in a year, their mobile check
deposit went up 30%, ATM deposits increased 10%, and their “peer-to-peer”
payments increased 70%, all of this within a year. In addition, this
company attracts new consumers daily. This company is definitely one of the
biggest financial services institutions in the world and number 1 in the United
States. JP Morgan Chase overtook bank of America, their mission is to put
society back into banking.


Which contact
tools (audience/consumer contact points) is the company/brand using? (List and Describe)


JP Morgan Chase persuades their audience by “empowering
people to live the lives they want” said Donna Vieira, CMO for Chase Consumer Banking.
Chase goal is definitely to make it easier for customers, therefore the company
allows their consumers to bank on their own terms. Recently, the company chose
to do digital offerings to attract customers. While the items and
administrations pushed in the promotions are very common, the advertisements
are intended to teach purchasers about the bank’s full capacities. Contenders
like Wells Fargo and Bank of America have additionally pushed advanced items
like portable saving money and shared installments in late promotions. Meanwhile,
Chase’s push is intended to grandstand its suite of items and administrations
instead of one particular item. JP Morgan Chase has 5,100 branches
nationwide and around 16,000 ATM’s. Chase is always trying to make it easier
for their consumers, they provide customers with the mobile app in which they
can deposit checks from the comfort of their homes, they have ATM available at
their locations 24/7 as well as peer-to peer payments. JP Morgan Chase’s logo
has been around since 1961, this logo was designed by Chermayeff and Geismar,
this logo is an octagon it’s goal is to represent its primitive water pipes,
currently JP Morgan Chase is using digital signage to persuade customer,
they’ve created a media wall to add to their customers experience. The color
blue is their tagline and their branding color. Chase provides a variety of
products such as credit cards, checking accounts, savings and CDs, prepaid
cards, car buying and loans, mortgage, home equity, investing, Chase for
business, and commercial banking, etc. They have a website in which their users
can find all the information they’re looking for. In addition, JP Morgan Chase
they provide customers with a 24/7 customer service just in case they have any
inconvenience, every so often they come up with offers for their clients such
as cash back on credit cards. They also send out monthly statements whether it
is through mail or email.



In your opinion, are the various contact tools
integrated and presenting/sending a unified, consistent, image and


In my opinion, JP Morgan Chase
the various contact tools integrated is sending a unified, consistent, image
and message. This method is attracting costumers more and more each day, making
the company be even more successful. This company has developed a culture in
based on truth, learning, helpful debate, an enthusiasm to win, and the bravery
to face and fix mistakes. For example, American Airlines as shown uses various
touch points to reach their audience, they’re a very successful company that as
well as chase it gives its customers the opportunity to book flights online,
check for special fares, purchase tickets, purchase seats, also they give users
the opportunity to book hotel and rent cars all online. Online banking is one
of the reasons why chase has become so successful, when it first launched JP
Morgan Chase started gaining more and more customers, since it was easier for
them to deposit a check, check their account balance and transaction from the
comfort of their homes.


What is your overall assessment of the effectiveness
of usage of the company/brand’s consumer contact points?


The effectiveness of usage of
the company’s consumer contact points is definitely working which is making the
company even more successful. Currently, JPMorgan Chase is auditing its digital
advertising business, which sources portray as a gigantic endeavor, given the
organization’s various divisions and agency relationships as well. This
advertisement is described as “massive undertaking”, this company has a variety
of divisions as well as relationships with agencies. Furthermore, the
organization spends an expected $70-80 million every year on computerized
advertisements over all divisions, including the retail bank, card
administrations and speculation keeping money.

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