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B&B face initial outlay costs in creating specific staircase stations.Also, there may be costs associated with training, because B&B ensure that their joiners can function as experts in B&B respective areas. This requires a short period of inactivity as B&B seek to get workers up to speed. The benefits like to outweigh the initial costs. B&B would be in a position to handle volume and make far better use of their existing resources. Orders would have a better chance of being completed on time and the elimination of waste would allow for more competitive quotes. This would put B&B in a more competitive position in order to win business and become more profitable.At the second stage Dean should sell this idea to the Joinery Manager, the point at which orders are allocated to workers. Thebiggest impact can be made in terms of production time; the gains will naturally flow back to the first stage of estimation and quoting.Dean can sell this idea to internal stakeholders such as the Joinery Manager, also the production workers by emphasizing the benefits of efficiency. Every worker could be more productive and able to produce work within estimated lead times. Dean has a strong case that B&B can become a resilient and profitable company.The cell would be for staircases. Work outside of the cell would require separate joiners with the ability to complete other productslike windows and doors Since demand for these products is not as great as that for staircases, existing methods could continue for now.Dean differentiate the working items such as painted machines and uniforms indeed to be an effective way to identify variousprocesses and eliminate confusion and encourage joiners to stay within their respective areas.Dean should be careful for employees within and outside of the cell to not feel marginalized and he would have to convey the needfor joiners to be team players.Risks are associated with Dean’s proposal are:Capital outlays always carry some risk, but it can be seen as a very sound investment.Inside the company may face a risk that a switch to a cell system will not be well received by workers. B faces the external risk that the staircase market decelerates.

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