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Background of the Study
Recently, enhancement of social media which is experienced by most people has changed the comportments by. Social media is based on how individuals communicate with each other that empowers individuals to associated and share with each other. Person to person communication empowers our life to have a great compact in education field, financial field and political field. Academician generally utilized social media to examine and excitement reason. As social media gives any information needed effectively and rapidly inside a small amount of seconds, it has great and in addition negative effect on the general public, especially students (Wagner, 2017). Social media had turned into a noteworthy diversion to students, making the general execution of students decay, particularly the ones who willing to online social media while cracks the books. This study indicate how social media will influence student’s education achievement.
Problem Statement
Social media technology has greatly affected the way individuals convey every day. According to M. Owusu-Acheaw, have confidence in the utilization social media is a standout amongst the most critical variables that can impact education achievement of students adversely or positively (Owusu-Acheaw, 2015). Numerous godparents are alarmed that students are investing excessively energy in social media and have inadequate time to study. In spite of the fact that, abundant student keep on utilizing every day. According to the Mathias Kamp, widely held of the bloggers uploads wrong information on social media which may drives failure of education system (Kamp, 2016). Numerous students rely on the convenience of information via social media precisely to offer answers that might implies a decrease attention on gaining knowledge. An investigation that concentrated on the issue of multitasking in classrooms which is students utilize ICT and participate in multitasking such as internet searching, text and instant messaging will have poorer academic performance depend on their behaviour (Burak, 2012).
Significance of the Study
Significance of undertaking this study is study how social media affect education achievement. Uniqueness of this study is rely on how social media impact education achievement. Forgoing studies of similar nature tried to classify the advantages and disadvantage of social network in improving students’ performance. The significant ones are collaboration, communication, and improving productivity. Infusing fun into the educational framework can enhance association of students which is amusement and the inspiration to learn and teach (Wagner, 2017). This assessment likewise demonstrated that around half of all teenagers who utilize social media to make arrangements in a plan and associate with buddy empower them absence of time to concentrate on education field (Owusu-Acheaw, 2015).
Research Objective
To examine the impact of social media on academic performance among the students.
Research Questions
Does the use of social media sites have any impact on student’s academic performance?
Expected Contribution
Social media is one of the method in helping people feels they belong to community. This examination tires to feature how social media affected our populace. It is necessary to recognise the bad and good effects of the social media on our education field (Owusu-Acheaw, 2015). In new generation, it empower to make a suitable arrangement in the two cases if the use of social media is either good or bad. Expected contribution in this study is to build knowledge and efficient learning by expand existing knowledge through using our know knowledge that is not rely on information provided in social media. This research found that how important communication is and I hope there is more focus on face-to-face communication instead of communication through social media in future. Time is precious and priceless, I hope everyone could utilize social media effectively by not doing nothing in social media. Prove the lies and support the truth is one of the most expectation contribution in this study.
The study was conducted to examine the impact of students’ use of social media on their academic performance. The study revealed that the use of social media had affected academic performance of the respondents negatively and further confirmed that there was a strong negative relationship between the use of social media and academic performance. Time management plays an essential role in determining the success or failure of an individual. Consequently students who lack of time management can straightforwardly fall prey to the negative impact which social media present to its uses. The greater part of the negative angles can be overwhelmed by lessening the measure of time spent on social media. Focusing on their scholarly advance and tending to any issues will go far towards keeping the negative parts of social media from impacting their education. Give sufficient time to up close and personal social collaboration, such as having some family recreation time in which talk about their examinations in a casual climate. Through this ways empower to decrease the negative effect of social media on the students which will in turn provide benefit to our new generation.

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