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able to understand health literacy in any setup calls for understanding and
analyzing written information. It is particularly important since different
population groups have different levels of literacy, which are either
determined by region, culture or ethnicity. Different patient populations are
affected differently by health risks and it is up to the practitioners to understand
how to offer help according to the different groups.

            A majority of adults, an estimated
percentage of 53% have been found with intermediate health literacy while 22%
had basic health literacy with 14% below basic health literacy and 12% having proficiency
health literacy. Hispanic adults, according to statistics were the population
that had the lowest average health literacy among all ethnic groups. This is
the patient population that is the highest risk in getting diseases and
infections. Therefore, if the particular population were at risk of a disease,
various means would be used in addressing and treating it. It was found that
many spoke Spanish before starting school, which was a large contributing
factor to the low health literacy that was below basic. Management of an
illness in this manner would require same communication channels meaning that
speaking to patients in Spanish would assist in administering care and support.

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Age factor plays an important role in health literacy. Most of adults who are
65 years and older had a below basic health literacy; only 38 percent of them
had intermediate health literacy. A higher percentage of adults from age 25 to
39 however, had a higher percentage of intermediate literacy. The youngest
adults of 16 to 18 years were less likely to have proficient health literacy
than their elder counterparts. This meant that, starting with the eldest first,
who would be greatly affected by the disease would be an excellent approach. 

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