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Being patriotic also requires a feeling of wanting what is best for the nation and doing things that would make the nation proud (Views, 2012). That is what the younger generation today lack and they actually need to implement these values starting from their childhood for making a strong patriotic person who is proud to be a Malaysian. So, there are many challenges in making this type of person and there are some suggestions to implement the values among Malaysian.
The family institution could be the first victim of economic progress, with children not getting enough attention and guidance from their parents who are busy pursuing their careers, leading to the emergence of various social ills among our teenagers (Thye, 2017). Based on that statement, this is one of the challenges why the younger generation today lack of practice of Malaysian values and the spirit of being a good Malaysian. Parents should be more focus about this matter and fix it before it is too late. During National Day’s celebration, you can take your children to a carnival or event as parents to implement the values smoothly.
Next, one of my suggestions are be Malaysian first. We have to start thinking of ourselves as Malaysians and not whatever race or identity based on our forefathers’ homelands if we are serious about wanting a better future for this nation and making this the best home for all. We are all migrants, it just depends on how far we want to roll back history. But due to many circumstances in history, our forefathers’ boats landed on this fair shore and made this land their home. Being Malaysian first does not mean we cease to be Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan but that our identity is now firmly anchored to our nation.
Other than that, we need to be an active citizen. Stop complaining and start doing something. If we feel unhappy about the way this country is being run and that we should be much better off, then we should get off our behinds and make a decision now. Think this way: Things are going to change and it’s going to start with ME! We need to stop looking the government to solve all our problems because that will not happen. We must believe we can do our bit to change our corner of the world. It does not have to be things like taking part in the next big protest but something as simple as reminding our town council to collect the rubbish or cut the grass in the parks. Oh and we must not forget to vote.

We also need to be a giver and not just a taker. Find ways to go beyond earning a living for ourselves and our families. Start a business, invest in one, have a farm or factory, provide a service, export your products and create jobs. We need to ‘add to’ and not just ‘take out’ of our economy. We need to consider the social and environmental impact of our decisions for whatever we do. Will we give people fair wages and not just a minimum wage? Will our working hours and conditions cause hardship for those working for us? Will what we do pollute the environment? Will it be sustainable? Success is not just about the money but the legacy we leave behind.
As a conclusion, there are many ways to make the younger generation love Malaysia and proud to be a Malaysian. For me, I really love my country and I also proud to be a Malaysian. The multi-racial of Malaysia has make Malaysia become a unique country in the eye of everyone. This is because we can’t really found any others country that have 3 racial as Malaysia. Due to we are multi-racial country, we are able to practice, share and learn a lot such as different language, culture, and festivals from each other.

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