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The second principle, beneficence is an action that is done for the benefit of others. As a nurse we have wrong things and harassment during the patient care. Nurses are always commitment to doing good. Beneficent action can be taken to help prevent or remove harms or to improve the situation of others. We can improve beneficaly action by talking to the community about STD prevention and noncommunicable disease prevention, encouraging a patient to avoid smoking etc. we can improve beneficence by doing of active goodness, kindness or charity, including all actions intended to benefit others.

The second principle, Fidelity that can address the responsibility to be trustworthy and keep promises. This principle also relate to duty of reciprocity-consideration of the other point of view. In between nurses patient relationship, we have to be faithful to agreement and promises.
As an example nurses make promises such as i will find out for you about your medication or i will be back with your pain relief medications etc… Nurse should to take these promises seriously, otherwise patient has not rust you. And it is not good for your professional life.

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