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Benefits to Fall Camping
Time spent away camping with family and friends in the wilderness is a great way to unwind and enjoy the true beauty of nature. According to Inside Outside, since 2014 more than 6 million people have begun to camp as a hobby. With each coming year, more people are discovering the true enjoyment of getting away from society to venture out into the wilderness to camp and admire nature. Although most camping trips are planned during the summertime, camping in the fall offers many benefits.

A breathtaking benefit to camping in the fall versus summer is witnessing the leaves change colors. Living in central Kentucky, there are many different camping locations within driving distance. For instance, traveling only two hours west of Bowling Green is Land Between the Lakes, a very known National Recreational Area located in Western Kentucky and Tennessee. This recreational park has an abundance of hiking trails where you can take in all the colors of fall.
Another well-known camping area located four hours east is the Great Smokey Mountains. Covering 522,427 acres, this National Park stretches across eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The Smokey Mountains offers many camp grounds and hiking trails which makes it an ideal camping location. These and many other camping areas offer the perfect view to the many colors of fall.

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Summertime is known for camping. Most people will go camping in the summer due to the warmer temperatures; however, nights will not always cool down. Summer nights often stay hot to the point where it can make a tent feel uncomfortable. Fall weather offers cooler temperatures which is ideal for a better sleep. Another benefit to cooler weather is it fends off insects for camping trips. The cooler climate of fall also has less people out camping. As a result, you can find campsites easier and utilize the less crowded hiking trails.
Even if the fall temperatures were to get a little too cold, you can always warm up by using an Avenger tank top propane heater. Propane tank top heaters are a portable and easy to use tool that is great for trips. Turning on your portable heater and grabbing a comfy blanket is a great way to keep warm in fall during camping trips.

Planning, preparing, and cooking meals is an essential part in the camping trip. Preparing a meal in summer heat is often difficult if you are cooking over a fire or camping stove. Fall weather offers cooler temperatures which makes preparing and cooking a meal to be more enjoyable. Cooking a nice warm meal over a fire on a cool fall night is the perfect end to a night for any camping trip. Don’t forget to stock your Avenger Cooler with plenty of drinks and maybe a beer or two to enjoy with your delicious dinner!

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