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    Beowulf was well respect individual for the Geat people during his time.After his death they built him a pyre which is a heap of combustible material, especially one for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony. The death of loved ones calls for people to be disconsolate or unhappy.  His people extolled? ?his? ?heroicness? ?and? ?thanked him for? ?his? ?greatness.? ?Extolled means? ?to? ?praise? ?enthusiastically.? There are many words in Beowulf’s death excerpt that are significant such as Kindled? which?? ?is? ?lighting? ?or? ?setting? ?something? ?on? ?fire.? Dirges? ?is? ?a? ?mourn? ?for? ?the? ?dead, Distraught? ?is? ?to? ?be? ?deeply? ?upset? ?about? ?something, and lastly Chieftain? ?is? ?someone? ?who? ?is? ?a? ?leader? ?of? ?people? ?or? ?a? ?clan. A good example of the is Beowulf the leader of the Geats. The death of legend Beowulf shook this community and hurt them deeply.    The big picture of this passage is the Geats mourning the loss of their fallen hero Beowulf. He was very special and should be commended appropriately. They praised him in many ways including how they built a pyre for him “hung? ?with? ?helmets,? ?heavy? ?war-shields,? and? ?shining? ?armour? ?just? ?as? ?he? ?ordered”(3140).? After that his warriors began to construct a mound on top of a headland It was the heroes memorial and let the sailors see it from very far away. They also buried valuable things such as jewels, and torque in a barrow at his memorial. Soon after it talks about how twelve warriors rode around the tomb in dirges (a lament for the dead) keening for their beloved Beowulf. They then gave thanks for his greatness and it all ended with the Geats complimenting his kindness and “keenest to win fame”(3183). Appreciated is an understatement when talking about how much Beowulf meant to the Geats.    This excerpt from Beowulf has a immense theme of honor and glory.This section of the text greatly relates to this because of in the text for example Beowulf goes to help another tribe out just to get his chance to kill Grendel because when he sets out to do something he does it. That is the definition of a hero. He was always loyal to his people and truly cared for them. They cared for him as well as his body will be burned which is a norse practice. He left treasure to his kingdom, and a tower built for sailors of the seas to look at from any distance. He set out to kill Grendel after proving to unferth he’s worthy and did just that. He then went out to kill Grendel’s mother which he also succeeded doing. Beowulf is much older now and had to change his style of fighting from rough, no weapons style, to using shields and swords. No matter the pain he is in or if he can’t physically fight, he gave it his all for his people and it showed after his death from the dragon when his people honored him substantially. Beowulf represents two main concepts of a honorable hero at the time bravery, and loyalty. He will rest in peace as a lionheart of his time.

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