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Bahasa Malaysia. The intertwining B’s represent our strong foundation and the
constant synergy taking place within the Berjaya Corporation group of
companies. Each B faces a different direction, describe the different strengths
of the companies that build up the Berjaya Corporation group of companies.

            In 1984, Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, the only sole founder,
acquired a major control stake in the Berjaya Industrial Berhad from the
founders Broken Hill, Australia and National Iron & Steel Mills, Singapore.
A major change in the business and direction has resulted from the shareholding
change. So, when Vincent Tan take place Berjaya Corporation Berhad, he make the
company diversify in various types of industries.

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            Following a major restructuring, Berjaya Group Berhad (
then known as Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad) became the holding company
of Reka Pacific Berhad in October 1988. Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad was
merged in 1967 as a bicycle manufacturer. In 1969, the company gained official
listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

            Through the 1990s and 2000s, Vincent Tan built Berjaya through
acquisitions and franchises. In 1993 he bought a successful direct-selling
marketing company, named Cosway Malaysia. He went on to open franchises
for many big-name chains, including Starbucks Coffee in 1998, Wendy’s
restaurants in 2007, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in 2008, and also Papa John’s Pizza
in 2008. While in food service industry, Vincent is the master of franchise
holder for Kenny Rogers Roasters’ restaurants around the world, with almost
over 300 restaurants.

            The Berjaya Group also
expanded to property development and investment.  It entered into
countries that have multitudinous joint ventures such as Vietnam, China, South
Korea, and Thailand. It aims is to undertake various property, infrastructure,
hotel, and resort projects. A five-star hotels with offering over 4,000 rooms
in cities and tropical island resorts in Malaysia and abroad has been owned and
operated by the Berjaya Group. In 2008, Berjaya expanded it businesses into
education by opening Berjaya University College of Hospitality. This college
become Malaysia’s first university college of specializing in Hospitality,
Tourism, and Services education. Finally, branch of Berjaya started to appear
at Thailand, Singapore, England,  Hong
Kong, Canada, Mexico and other country.

            On the other hand, Vincent Tan also intend
to explores a number of businesses in Vietnam. He plans to develop business in
Vietnam as Berjaya has several lands in Vietnam. Upon the completion of the
group reconstruction exercise in 2005, Berjaya Corporation Berhad assumed the
listing status of Berjaya Group Berhad on the Main Board of Bursa Securities

            With total employees of 14,000, the
Group is diversified entity engaged in the following core businesses

Consumer Marketing, Direct
Selling & Retail

Financial Services

Hotels, Resorts, Vacation
Timeshare & Recreation Development

Property Investment and

Gaming & Lottery

Environmental Services and
Clean Technology Investment

Motor Trading and

Food & Beverage and

Telecommunications and
Information Technology-related Services and Products



Berjaya is also involved in financial services, media, motor vehicle
distribution, and the environmental sanitary landfill business. Vincent
transformed the company into a diversified conglomerate listed on Bursa
Malaysia. Vincent has holdings in Internet-related businesses, water utilities,
broadcasting, and telecommunications when outside the company.

Berjaya and his other private businesses have employ more than 30,000 employees
and have combined revenues of over RM 27 billion ($8.18 billion) worldwide.
 His successful in business has resulted in attaining a net worth of $1.2
billion and this make Tan Sri Vincent Tan the 14th richest person in Malaysia.

             Berjaya Group Berhad was added to the Morgan Stanley Capital
International (MSCI) Malaysia Index
on 26 May 2010. While on 23 February 2012, chairman of Berjaya, Vincent Tan,
decided to pass his position, to his son, Robin Tan.



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