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      Bill Gates was having a big meeting on climate change hosted by President Macron. Leaders from around the world were there to solve this urgent challenge. They needed to adapt the climate change that we cause. Scientists are going to figure out the way that can make things without adding greenhouse cause to the atmosphere or cause other environmental problems. Innovation is the key to do both. The main solutions are checking the weather patterns and discover new energy that it possible to power our future life. And here are the four 4 signs of progress on climate change, “More partners are chipping in on clean energy”, “Partners are working together like never before”, “One billion clean-energy investment fund is up and running,” and “Small farmers are getting more help”. These four signs show that people are finding solutions to help us.       In 2015, 20 countries gather tougher and start a plan called Mission Innovation. This plan is to commit a research and development on energy.  At the same year, they started the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of investors who work on finding new sources and clean energy. At last, their goal is to bring ideas out of the lab and into the market. It is much faster than connect with governments. Public and private company for energy research new energy often isn’t coordinated, so the members of Mission Innovation and the BEC will connect the gap between both. They’ll work together to match cutting-edge scientists in government labs with investors who can help turn their ideas into products. They’ll also partner with governments to make it easier to create and deploy new tools.       Also, they had fund up one billion dollars for investors, company builders, scientist, and technologists for discovering new energy.  The five main things that we are going to improve on are Grid-scale storage, Liquid fuels,  Mini-grids, Alternative building materials, Geothermal power. These solutions might change the way that people work for protecting the earth. At last, small farmers are getting more help than before. Innovation can help prevent that kind of catastrophe. At the same time, the Gates Foundation is going to train 600 African and European scientist for changing the future’s fate of the earth.  Bill Gates thinks that if we keep this momentum, we can stop the changing of climate. Also, affect our next generation.       According to these several ways of saving the earth, I also agree with the reason that Bill Gates raise. I think that we should try to change our fate by our self. Using nature resources for creating power will affect the environment. As same as using solar energy, wind farm or other renewable resources. The government spends a lot of time for deciding the plan and other self-problem before using renewable resources. This might cause people having complain and unhappiness. If we try to connect with companies that have this kind of technique and put the innovation into our life, this might speed up the speed for changing our environment. Also, we need to bring the knowledge into schools. Kids are the societies’ future, this can help kids to understand what is climate change. The knowledge that kids have will change into the power and recover the past of earth.

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