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has a major role in the production of food, the study of food biochemistry
helps us to develop new understandings of the nutrient composition of foods.
When scientists have a better understanding of the structures and composition
of foods they are better able to manipulate it for the benefit of humanity. The
biofortification of crops was one of the more significant developments to come
out of the field of biochemistry (Hefferon, K. L., 2015). According to the
world health organization, biofortification
is the process by which crops are deliberately manipulated to have a higher
content of the essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron, calcium and
vitamin A that are contained within them. In a 2012 initiative was conducted to
decrease the percentage risk of protein inadequacy in Sub-Saharan Africa by
using Protein and amino acid biofortified crop such as corn, plantain, cassava
and sorghum had notable results. There
was a 23% decrease in protein inadequacy for the introduction of biofortified corn
in Mozambique, in Nigeria there was a 7%
decrease in protein inadequacy from the use of biofortified sorghum, in Uganda
biofortified plantains decreased protein inadequacy by 6% and in Zambia protein
inadequacy decreased by 21%  by using
biofortified cassavas( Suri, D., Strutt, N., & Ghosh, S., 2012).

is also applied in the field of forensics. Biochemical techniques are used for
the analysis of evidence found at scenes of crimes. Some of these techniques
include DNA analysis, hair and fingernail analysis. Postmortem biochemistry is
used to identify the cause of death when it is otherwise sudden or cannot be determined by observation (Maeda, H.,
Ishikawa, T., & Michiue, T., 2011). 
Biochemistry has advanced methods of analyzing DNA over the past number
of years from methods of extracting DNA to new ways of amplifying DNA that has
been degraded or low template DNA using PCR methods (Romeika JM, Yan F, 2013).

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