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 Bullying laws-  On November 30, 2011, the  Government introduced Bill 13 which was the Accepting Schools Act, 2011 in the legislature. The Act would amend the Education Act to create bullying awareness week in schools and provide instructions for teachers on issues of bullying and dealing with situations where and bullying occurs and why it did occur. These would be such things as discrimination against one’s race, religion or sexuality it also affects the physical elements of bullying like assault causing bodily harm, intimidation and threats. Goals- The goal of the Bill is to describe the consequences, effects, why people bully and how they will be affected in the future as well as to bring in anti bully measures into schools. The consequences of bullying such as emotional and mental scarring and struggles with self- esteem and confidence and sometimes in extreme cases can even result in death. It explains that bullies may experience psychological problems in adulthood that can lead to such things as harassment at work and spousal or child abuse. It also wants more than the whole school to get involved,and that everyone needs to get involved this includes the government, educators, school staff, parents, students and the wider community. Everybody has a role to play in creating a positive school climate and preventing inappropriate behaviour, such as bullying, sexual assault, gender-based violence and incidents based on homophobia. As well as all of that It also wants people to know the consequences of bullying but to make sure it does not happen anywhere. Companies have always had anti harassment policies but some school boards are adopting it for their students to follow. They adopt them to have to keep the safe and welcoming. One may read like this one ” ( School Name ) tries to create and maintain a  school environment in which students are treated with dignity, decency and respect. The environment of the school should be characterized by mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression and exploitation. Students should be able to work and learn in a safe, yet stimulating atmosphere.” this is an example one that I have created but is what the kind of school environment the Bill is trying to promote.   Pros- The pros of the bill is that it gives teachers the proper training to deal with bullying and educates them on why one would bully and how to correct them. To help promote a safe learning environment teachers need to support students who want make or lead clubs or groups to promote things like straight gay alliances, anti racism groups or groups who want to raise awareness on topics like disabilities or gender equity. The bill wants schools to promote a anti bully message and do this by the Bullying Awareness and Prevention week. This week is dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and the effects bullying has on an individual.    The Bill allows the Ministry of Education to establish policies and guidelines with respect to prevention strategies. This means training for all teachers and other staff on strategies detecting and deal with early and ongoing cases of bullying. Furthur more it comes up with procedures that allow students to report incidents of bullying safely and in a way that minimizes the possibility of reprisal. Disciplining students follows policies and guidelines respecting the use of disciplinary measures and appropriate consequences for students who participate in inappropriate behaviour. These measures will also include progressively more serious consequences for repeated or more serious inappropriate behaviour.Cons- All though the laws promote safe learning environments and urges students away from bullying on another they make no legal action they just correct the behaviour of the students and try to point them in the right direction. This means that a student can bully another and only get a slap on the hand. Another issue is that with all of the safe school programs Ontario spent almost $150 million between 2007 and 2010. Even with the government spending this much money there is now way to track it. Measures resulting in the ministry being unable to track the effectiveness of the policy on student behaviour.23 The report left one anti-bullying activist to bemoan, “All this money spent and we can’t measure if, in fact, it’s working.”.How could it be improved- The anti bullying law could be improved in a couple of ways. The government could start by finding a more cost effective way of funding these safe schools. They could do this by reduce the amount of money they spend on schools and give the schools the bare minimum that it needs to fight against bullying. Secondly the government could come up with away to track how well these measures are working to justify the large sums of money being spent on this project. This can be done by having the schools keep records of how many incidents of bullying that occurs in their school. The school could tally up all the incidents yearly and send it to the government this way they can see whether they are spending too much or to little as well as seeing which schools could use more funding than others. Another way to improve the results of the anti bullying law is to come up with zero tolerance policies for schools. This would mean that any defiative sign that bullying was taking place teachers would have to crack down on it. This would attack bullying straight at its source making it harder for a student to get away with it. Finally the last thing that could be done to improve the anti bullying law is to make all schools adopt an anti bullying or harassment policy. This would be much like the example one i gave earlier and would make students less likely to bully, put zero tolerance of bullying in schools and reduce the amount of money the government spend on them. Bibliography- Saint-cyr, Yosie. “New Anti-Bullying Laws Across Canada.” Slaw RSS, 16 Feb. 2012,

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