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is an undesirable and aggressive behavior that occurs mostly in schools. It may
seem like it should not be taken seriously which is why we often disregard it,
but if you’ve ever been bullied, then you know that it is not a joke. It is not
just an issue seen on TV, it is the daily lives of many teenagers and it can cause
serious mental health problems on both, the aggressor and the victim. There are
significant key factors that can generate bullying such as low self-esteem, jealousy,
neglect, and the need for attention.

The major cause of
bullying comes from low self-esteem. The assaulter has usually been bullied before
which diminishes their self-esteem, generating bullying. Being a victim of
bullying can interfere with a person’s social and academic success. It can also
influence a person’s behavior by making them cruel and cold-hearted which will eventually
lead to delinquency or criminal behaviors. Having a low self-esteem will make
the aggressor want to get others attention by doing things that are morally

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urge for attention and the constant feeling of neglect is the second major
cause of bullying. According to the article Why do kids bully? By an unknown author, “A common reason that a
kid is a bully is because he/she lacks attention from a parent at home and
lashes out at others for attention. This can include neglected children,
children of divorced parents, or children with parents under the regular
influence of drugs/alcohol”. If someone is going through such circumstances, they
will repeatedly bully others to feel more secured and empowered of themselves
and will do so as well if they encounter someone who may seem to be a threat to
their envision of being the center of attention.

example, when an individual becomes easily recognizable for their astonishing achievements,
jealousy from others arise. Bullies target these people to prevent them from gaining
more power than them because they fear becoming the victims instead of the aggressors.
They also bully others to restrict them from becoming more charming than them
and being the superior center of attention. According to Ph.D. Mary C Lamia on
her article Why Bullies Don’t Feel Bad
(Or Don’t Know They Do) “the bully’s attacks are projections of their own shame and
feelings of inadequacy that are modified to penetrate a victim’s vulnerability.
Attacking others not only halts any inclination to look within themselves, it also
can be exciting as it stimulates the physical experience of power”. Although
bullies torment others to make themselves feel good, they are not always conscious
of their actions and how they make others feel.

do not identify themselves as bullies, they see their actions as teasing. In
fact, they are unaware of the mental and physical damage they are doing to the victim,
their intention is simply to achieve their purpose of getting and maintaining
recognition instead of feeling neglected by those they care about. 

conclusion, there are several causes of bullying such as low self-esteem,
neglect, the urge for attention, and jealousy towards the victim. These factors
generate bullying and the aggressor and victim may develop serious mental
health problems. The victims of bullying can begin engaging in harmful drugs
which would then lead to becoming a school dropout or it may also develop self-destruction
behaviors that include depression, having suicidal thoughts and sadly, often
lead to committing suicide.

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