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But the question is– does Virmati blossom inta a ‘New Woman’ in the real sense? No, inspite her revolt against the family and firm stand against the Professor, she succumbs to his implorations and passions in Lahore. She had come to Lahore to broaden her horizons but instead she gets involved in a useless love, doubtful marriage and unwed pregnancy. She wants to spread her wings like Swarnlata, her roommate who is committed the ‘meaningful activities’ regarding the freedom movement and woman emancipation. But Virmati is used by the Professor. Even when he eventually marries her very reluctantly, she is given a pariah status. Kapur unmasks the reacting mind of Virmati who is upset by the betrayal of her lover; her agonized mind is revealed in her utterances of the following lines. “Here I am in the position of being your secret wife, full of shame, wondering what people will say if they find me out, not being able to live in peace, study in peace and…. Why?” She refers to Swarnalata’s statement about this selfishness and dominance of men over women. Swarnalata states “Men take advantage of women”. (DD 149)Virmati holds the conventional view of the purity and chastity of woman’s body. “She was his for life, whether her ever marriedor not”. She could never look elsewhere, never entertain another choice”.(DD 177)Thus , Virmati dares to cross one patriarchal threshold, she is caught into another, where her free spirit is curbed and all she does is adjust, compromise and adapt. She is a loser whose acts totally alienate her from her family and she fails to create a space for hers elf for which she had been striving all alone. Perhaps it is this inability of Virmati to strike independent roots and grow and forces Ida to remark, ‘the one thing I had wanted was not to be like my mother.'(DD1)The concluding lines of the novel reiterate Ida’s rejection of Virmati not as a mother but as a woman. ‘This book weaves a connection between any mother and me’ each word a brick in a mansion I made with head and my heart. Now live in it, Mama, and leave me. Do not haunt me anymore.(DD 280) Ida who grew up struggling to be a model daughter, does not have the heart to reject Virmati, the mother but her head, the rational, rejects her as a woman, after having an insight into Virmati’s past.

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