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of equipment – would
impact on reliability in a fitness test because before you start any fitness
test you must ensure the equipment you are using is fully functional and in
good working order. To do this you must check that any device used for
measuring is reset and that the equipment is fit for purpose. In some cases,
you may need to seek specialist help to ensure that the equipment is serviced
and in good working order, if this does not happen you run the risks of your
results from the testing not being reliable.

– up it is
important that subjects are fully prepared to ensure that injury does not
occur. This is especially important where flexibility is being measured as well
as where sudden power tests are conducted. This would effect the reliability of
a test because you may not be ready to work hard enough whilst doing the test
if you haven’t warmed up enough.

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test technique practise – to make sure the test results are
reliable you must make sure whoever doing the test uses the right technique
when doing a certain test. This is to ensure that everyone is using the same
technique so there is no cheating, I will show different techniques to the
footballers to show which techniques are wrong and right.

level of administrator
– before
going through fitness tests with the players I will go through each drill
myself so I am confident in what I am showing the players and know that its
effective. Also showing my own skill in each test will reassure the players
that I know what I am doing and no how to help them. This would make the
players know that each test I put them through is reliable as I have shown them
how they work. 

to test protocol – it
is important that I make sure I have a set method when I carrying out tests if
I do not follow a standard protocol when conducting my fitness test my results
will not be reliable.

conditions – the
administration of fitness tests can generally be categorised into two areas,
field based tests and laboratory based tests. Field based tests – the
tests may be affected by the weather or want conditions the players were doing
the tests in, so I would make sure each time I do a tests it is in the same
conditions that it was last time I did the test. Laboratory based tests – eliminating
factors in which can effect the constant conditions and making sure that the
conditions are 100% going to be the same not matter what, for example working
in a sports hall.

rest periods between tests – for the results to be reliable I must
ensure that the players are fully  rested
before taking part in the tests. It is also important that I consider which
order I do the tests in as some of the tests may require the subject to recover
before starting the next tests.   

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