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Camden RoeAP HUG Project paper Von Thunen’s model represents and agricultural based society focused around the city center or market. The model has 6 rings. The first ring is the city center where the market and shops that produce secondary goods are. The second is gardens producing various fruits and vegetables like lettuce,carrots, and apples. These are one of the closet products to the city center because they perish very quickly since there was no refrigeration in the old towns in 1862. The third ring is dairying. This area is also Called a milk shed because it is where most milk is produced. This is the next closest product because rots or perishes in less than 2 weeks so it has to be sold very quickly. The fourth ring is forestry. Back in the 1800s the main source of heat and building materials were wood. Wood did not perish quickly but was quite heavy so this is why it was in the next ring. The main wood grown was maple, pine , and other hardwoods to make fire and houses out of. The fifth ring is extensive field crops. This is where wheat,barley ,and rye which was the cash crop at the time was grown in large vast open fields. This is the next ring because to grow lots of wheat and other grains you need lots of land. These also did not perish that quickly and they were lightweight so they were able to be grown further away from the city center. The last ring is Livestock or grazing. This is on the far outskirts of town where there is a lot of grass and flat land for cattle and other animals to graze. The advantage of the animals being the furthest out is that they have their own transportation system their legs. This means that they can walk themselves into town without having to be transported into town by hand. These animals were used the be butchered for meat and their hides used for leather. The disadvantages of the model was that everything was transported by hand or animal meaning it was very labor intensive on the people transporting the goods. There were no roads because they took up to much  land that could be used for other things. Another disadvantage was that there were no refrigeration processes so things spoiled very quickly. In the next few decades ways of refrigeration were made include the ice box that you put large ice blocks into a storage container for preservation. The Von Thunen model was a very good idea in my opinion but the circumstances were very restricting that there were to be no river valleys or mountains in the “isolated state”

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