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                                                         Assignment 1

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                                                         CS 105

















Why algorithms are considered essential to the
way computers process information? The reason why Algorithms are essential are
because of the way the computer process information. A lot of computer programs
now of days contain algorithms in them. The algorithms to process helps the
computer to input step by step in a specific order to in and out specific task.
Algorithms does a lot of important things like runtime analysis, sorting,
shortest path, approximate algorithms, random algorithms, and Compression.
There are so many different algorithms that people study are as varied as the
problems that they solve.

One of your friends, Jessica, is arriving at the
airport and needs to get to your house. Create three algorithms that would help
her get to the correct address.  First
algorithms that I would give to my friend would be to go to a taxi or uber and
get in and give them your address to take you home.  Second I would I tell my friend to take a
business to her house because some airport service have buses that will take
you where you want to go. The third thing that I would recommend is renting a
car form the airport and using your navigation on your cell phone to get your friend’s

Submit a report that briefly discusses the
following types of RAM?  The first RAM is the DRAM (dynamic random
access memory) know how to randomly access memory cells that are paired with capacitor
or a transistor when writing row lines contain. FPM DRAM (fast page mode
dynamic random access memory) this RAM is a little different from DRAM it has a
burst rate timing as fast as 5-3-3-3 with means its reading the elements
faster. EDO DRAM (extended data-out dynamic random access memory) so this DRAM
does not wait for the processing process of the first bit. Once you plug
in an address the EDO DRAM starts to look for the next bit. It’s also five time
faster than the FPM DRAM. SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) is
used for CPU chache memory chips and also has volatile storage as well as much
faster than the DRAM. The DDR SDRAM (double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM)  It’s output on both the falling and raising
edge of the system clock rather than on just the rising edge, potentially
doubling output and also can calculate 184 contact pins and reads/writes 2
words of data per clock cycle. The RDRAM (rambus dynamic random access memory) is
a radical departure and is so different from its use of a special high-speed
data bus called the Rambus channel.




















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