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Canaris joined the navy at seventeen years old, in 1905.  His warship was the only ship to invade the British Navy port.  At the outbreak of World War I, the was serving as an intelligence officer.  Most of his crew was interned in Chile in March 1915. In August 1915, he escaped using his spanish fluency.  Later, Canaris was sent to Spain to watch over enemy ship movement. Canaris later took some training to be a navy boat commander. He later became the commander and credited with a number of sinkings. He was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. Canaris was also known to save many of lives.  The saved five hundred of Dutch-jews by letting them leave Germany in May 1941.  Canaris left the Nazis and joined a group called the anti nazi.  Canaris tried to capture Hitler so the whole Nazi Party will collapse before the Nazis try to take over  Czechoslovakia, or any other country. As soon as he was appointed general, the sent spies into Spain right away. He was the main purpose behind this decision. Canaris sent Spies into Spain during the  Spanish civil War.  Canaris was a witness of massacre in Poland. The Nazies put 200 jews into a synagogue, and lit it on fire. No one survived the fire. Two days after the fire, he went to the Nazi general and complained to him and asked why he did that.  In June 1942, Canaris sent eight defense agents in the east coast of America to sabotage American citizens and economic targets.  Two weeks later, they were all arrested because two of the eight men turned against the mission and told the United States FBI.  The two agents that told the FBI, were sent to prison, but  the other six were killed through the electric chair in The District Of Columbia Jail, in June 1942. After this, their was no other sabotage mission is the United States, from Nazi Germany.  Canaris, and thirty two other spies, were sentenced to more than three hundred years combined in prison.  Canaris was known to communicate with the British agents, even though Nazi Germany was great enemies with Britain.  As Hitler’s chief spy,  Wilhelm Canaris was the world’s most dangerous intelligence man, and was hung naked because of his actions.  Canaris’s diary was found and was presented to Hitler, and the diary had all his conspiracies in it. Yet again, Wilhelm Canaris was put on trial.  He was found guilty of treason. After the incidents, Canaris tried to overthrow Hitler’s leadership, also trying to make a decoy.  Canaris was sentenced to death. In his cell, before the night of his death, other inmates in the camp said they heard Canaris send out a secret message in his cell, saying he was not a traitor.   Hitler found out that Canaris has been working against the Nazis, so the sent him to flossenburg concentration camp.  At Flossenburg,  96,00 people went in the camp.  More than 30,000 of them died, one of them was Wilhelm Canaris .  Canaris tried to assassinate Hitler. There was huge investigations on Canaris for his actions.   After that, Canaris was charged for treason. Canaris was arrested on June twenty third,1944.No direct evidence was found on Wilhelm Canaris..  Canaris and many other members of the Nazis were charged for treason, and they were all hung naked. When Wilhelm Canaris was hung, he  died at the age of fifty eight. On April 20, 1945 the inmates were forced to evacuate.  Many people were too sick to even walk out so they collapsed, so the soldiers shot every sick inmate who could not keep up. During the evacuation, there were 7,000 dead bodies either shot, or sick. By April 30, the U.S Army freed the camp. On July 22, 2007 they opened a museum at   Flossenburg.  Canaris and thirty two other men that joined the Anti Nazis were all hung.  Canaris was hung three weeks before the war ended.  Two of Canaris’s subordinates protested against Canaris decision of him being hung.  Later, the two men were also hung.  

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