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Cancer research’s structure plays a significant part in making their ams and objectives a reality. CRUK provides in formation on cancer and then organises activities and projects to spread awareness to the general public in the fight against cancer. They have a passionate determination in reducing the number of cancer patients as well as saving lifes. They have fully committed to making their stratergy stronger over the next years and they aim to do this through focusing thoroughly on the research, and put the right people in charge of the tasks who will provide excellent research. As the organisational structure goes, you first have the Chief Executive and executive board.They manage the organisational tratergy for the short and long term which covers all scientific research and fundraising. They set proposals for setting an annual budget to be ab le to fund the projects they put out and then submit their proposals to the council of trustees for their approval. As research is their main priority the flow of work deals with the scientific ececutive board which develops the organisational strategy and policy. They however, are not considered to be a funding committee, they closely interact with the council resedarch strategy committee. They have the power in them to ultimatley hold budget and have a strong influence in deciding whether a initiative will be given the chance to be funded or not. Their decisions will be reviewed by their own funding committees. A good budget will be allocated to that initiative if they approve that it has a strategetic that benefits not only cancer victims but the public too. Overall CRUK have different aims and objectivies but it pretty much all comes together under the same thing… research. To be able to find the appropriate research necessary, according to their organisational structure they allocate the best people for the best job to achieve the best research. For ecample; The biological sciences committee are responsible for the research programmes and projects which concentrates mainly on the basic general understanding of cancer.The clinical trials awards and advisory committee reviews and funds cancer clinical trials which also includes studies for testing, also clinical trials in terms of therapy. The Discovery committee which focuses on developing the research of cancer which benefits the cancer patients. The translational and clinical research committee who are responsible for the research projects and programmes which concerns the translational researches. The population researhch committee which is responsible for yet again the research in projects and programmes grants in population science. The organisation itself is also governed by the council of trustees which consist of the board of directors, they give support and advise to the chief exectutive who happens to also be part and leader of the top management team in achieving the CRUK vision and purpose! Lastly, the organisation is also governed by its members which are first of all appointed by CRUK. These almost acts as shareholders for the company as they have the entitlement to attend all of the general meetings and fulfill their duty of electing the trustees. Each member that is involved in the fantastic organisation each play a role in which they are skilled in, but altogether works as supportive individuals which are set to achieve the same outcome. Without the strucutre that is set by the organisation they would fail to have a structured environment for them to work in which would lead to having no actual focus or purpose of being there and all the research is likely to fall apart. Having the structure allows them to be prepared to doing what they’re each individually best at and working together to produce the same goal.
Cancer research has the opposite structure to virgin media. They have a tall structure with many levels of management rolls with are also split into groups kind of like a matrix form. This benefits the work load on staff as it is more spread out and precise to the work having to be done. That way tasks are done quicker and to a better standard as they have something to focus on. Getting all tasks done to a high standard speeds up the process to reach their aims and objectives as it removes the chance of getting things wrong. However, their structure of having many levels and details assignments mean communication can easily be lost throughout and misinterpreted sending the wrong information throughout the business and then would also take a long time to correct that information and be received again. Lack of correct communication can withhold tasks and prevent the businesses aims and objectives from being done.

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