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Cannibalism should be a word that is feared by many but certainly notin Jonathan Swift’s case. In his popular essay, “A Modest Proposal,” thefamous Irish writer decided that a delicious meal consisting of Irish babesshould be the key to solve Ireland’s problem in poverty and overpopulation.This one great irony and hyperbole condensed into this satirical essaytaunted the heartless treatment towards the lower class Irish citizens, aswell as the discriminating policy of Britain with their exploitation of Ireland.The full title of Swift’s essay published on 1729, is ;A Modest Proposalfor Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to theirParents, or the Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Publick.;Swift engages the audience to delve into the profounder political, moral andsocial actualities in the worsening condition of the country using irony andstartling hyperbole. It is horrifying to think that Jonathan swift was able toperform calculations of the expected yield of human carcass that Ireland willbenefit by selling children. He was also able to suggest recipes in preparingthe children’s meat basing on this statement, “a young healthy child wellnursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food,whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled.” Swift has even laid out sixadvantages in doing this abominable act which will not only benefit theimpoverished families but also the church, the rich lords, Ireland and evenBritain. In summary, he thinks that selling children for meat is a convenient,cheap and easy method to bring back Ireland’s economic stability.Early 15 th century to early 19 th century spans the wave of Europeancolonization and although most of the world might most likely acquaint thegigantic forces of Europe most especially Great Britain, to the maritimeSouth East Asia or Africa colonization, there are still no exceptions inexploiting its neighboring country, Ireland. This was further specified byKunz (2015), as the country was suppressed with ridiculous trade andcommerce rules by forcing Ireland to remit two-thirds of its revenues toEngland and the remaining third of that revenue that stays on Ireland willnot be used in performing business with England. This circumstanceseriously injures Ireland’s internal economy while uplifting Britain’s owneconomy. With the helpless condition of the country, it is the lowerclassmenthat are utterly affected and victimized.Jonathan Swift, born on November 30, 1667 and died on October 19,1745, is of Irish descent but prefers to reside in England and even joined theTory government of England, cementing his political alliance in the othercountry. Nevertheless, he was still attached to his mother nation andresented the British treatment to the Irish people and thus he begin to beaggravated with the deteriorating plight of his fellow Irish men. He has anextensive background, such as being part of the clergy and for this being adean of the respected St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and political pamphleteer forthe major and rivaling government parties in Great Britain. With this, he wasable to firmly grab the populace’s attention and publish satires and allegorieswith deep political undertones to assist the predicament of his oppressedpeople.By reading the prologue of the “A Modest Proposal,” it is apparent thatSwift sympathizes the poor and the destitute. He vividly describes theunemployment in the country where he narrates that, “these mothers,instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced toemploy all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants,”visibly portraying the powerless stature of the women, deprived of their rightto labor in a more prudent workplace and burdened by their children whoare uneducated and will then grow as unproductive citizens of the country ormaybe sacrificial people for wars in the foreign lands. This is already pouringsalt to the wounds of Ireland’s declining reputation and the addition of anewly born child would just be and additional grievance (“A Modest Proposalby Jonathan Swift: Critical Commentary,” n.d.).Utterly hopeless with the situation, the Irish people are starved forways to rescue themselves from this hardship and thus Jonathan Swift hadproudly proposed his “modest” proposal where he even asserts to, “have hisstatue set up for a preserver of the nation,” although he might not explicitlydeclare “his” to be him but it is unanimously agreeable that he is referring tohimself. One might find this essay humorous as he takes every detail of hisproposal passionately for the “good” of his people and this good have justhappened to refer to the marketing of the children’s flesh. If one carefullyreads the essay, it becomes evident that he gave emphasis to the rich andthat is where the real irony prevails. He indicated in the concludingstatement of his essay that this proposal will be, “giving some pleasure tothe rich,” where in shallow context would mean that an infant’s meat wouldprovide a delectable dish for the wealthy but can also mean in a broadercontext to be the rich people’s (which can also refer to Great Britain)pleasure in doing cruelties to the impoverished citizens, most especially intheir unjustly exploitation (“A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift: CriticalCommentary,” n.d.).Swift’s bitterness to the ruling country over Ireland might be morehighlighted with this statement, “I could name a country, which would beglad to eat up our whole nation.” This is the point of the speaker of theessay’s blindness towards the huge moral implication of his proposal, Swift isactually referring to England in turning a blind eye to Ireland’s condition aslong as their own country will continue in having economic progress. Thespeaker might be cold and brutal with this suggestion but it has certainlyopened the public’s eye to the horrendous inhumanity of Britain’s selfishdesires. It is clear that Swift wants to take stand against the Englishoppression and he desired his fellowmen to have an overall sense ofpatriotism and nationalism in them in order to liberate themselves from thisunjustified treatment.”A Modest Proposal” has also revealed Swift’s displeasure towards theRoman Catholic which he so fondly refers to as “papists,” where he indicatedthat:There are more children born in Roman Catholic countries about ninemonths after Lent than at any other season; therefore, reckoning ayear after Lent, the markets will be more glutted than usual, becausethe number of popish infants is at least three to one in this kingdom:and therefore it will have one other collateral advantage, by lesseningthe number of papists among us. (para. 13)According to Lovin (n.d.), this might be connected to his animositytowards the Catholics as he himself is an ordained Anglican priest and therelies a conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Europe. Swift might wantthe readers to believe that the Catholics have contributed to the downfall ofIreland’s economy.Overall, one can say that Swift’s proposal should have really earnedhim a statue due to his brilliant method in capturing the reader’s interestand at the same time utilizing this wonderful technique of blatant sarcasm.This essay might not be that successful and influential if Swift didn’t employseveral literary techniques such as irony, understatement, exaggeration, andjuxtaposition. Referring to the analysis of Frankel and Nooriel (2016), Swiftused irony for his suggestion that the only way for them to benefit is beingeaten. Understatement is also used for his outrageously “modest” proposal.Exaggeration is also clearly used in his essay, one example is he stated thelandowners devoured the poor when in reality, they exploited them.Juxtaposition is used for combining his outlandish and immoral solution withIreland’s dire situation. Evidently, this essay is a brilliant read for itscontext, pertaining to the novel’s contemporary appeal to its audience. Swiftpresented an eye-catching way to make the people pay attention to theproblems of Ireland.However, there is no work that is perfect. Despite Swift’s obviousmastery in the arts of writing prose, one can still mark few lapses in hiswriting. These mistakes are his use of several fallacies in his argument. Oneobvious fallacy in his essay is “Appeal to Authority” where he has referredfew times this “American friend” who seems to be knowledgeable about thehuman carcass. He has also used “False Dilemma” because he presentedthat the only way to end Ireland’s problem is to market the meat of the Irishchildren. Another fallacy according to Fernandez (2016), is the “Straw ManArgument” where Swift has weakly defended his facts based on his personalestimates on several arguments such as Ireland’s population and the totalyielding from selling the human flesh. Despite this horrendous execution offallacies, this essay would not be alive without those made up facts. Becausethis essay is originally for satirical purposes, it is forgivable to use thesefallacies.What one have reflected in this essay is that there are similaritiesbetween Jonathan Swift’s satire and Jose Rizal’s novels. Although theirdifferences far outweighed their similarities, it is still notable to mention thatboth writers shared a common goal in doing their works and that is to lettheir fellow countrymen be enlightened to the current abominable standingsof their country and to wake up their sense of national pride. Both writersused representations in their work to indicate their oppressed stature. Rizalmight have used symbolism and Swift used satire but they both targeted thecolonizers of their country. They have also both preyed the youth in theirworks. This just shows that the youth are the most gullible in the times ofdifficulties but one believes that they both considered the very same youthto be the hope in uplifting the country from their worsened states.The ironic characterization within the context of satire in “A ModestProposal” has pointed out the grievances experienced by the Irish men fromthe abuse of the English rule. Jonathan Swift has utilized outlandishsolutions to declare his dissatisfaction towards the society instead of directlypointing out their wrongs and in turn, it made the audience more connectedto resonating lessons in the text. One should be really thankful that Swift’scannibalistic thoughts are just limited to satire or else the world might beturned upside down.

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