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Ch.1 Georgie goes after his boat during a slight rainfall down Witchman Street in DerryGeorgie sprinted quickly to capture his boatGeorgie went downstairs to get matches and a bowl and he thought there was something down there but his family convinced him that there was nothing thereGeorgie heard some music his mom was playing and it sounded as if it was from another worldGeorgie went to the cellar and smelled something odd and strange but was stronger than ever.Start on page 9Billy yells at Georgie from his bedroomBoth Georgie and Billy kid about calling each other a-holesBilly started to cough from laughingBilly was explaining how he had trouble communicating because of his stutterGeorgie now decides to go out and sail it Georgie met penny wiseGeorgie couldn’t catch the boatPenny wise bit Georgie’s arm offDave gardener got Georgie but he was already deadGeorgie’s dad was crying And George died the same day his mom played fur Elise just as Bill had saidCh. 2They talk about Adrian who died and this part it is 27 years later They accused a man in a clown suit with balloons of the murderThe canals days Meusam over 40,000 visited Officers thought the suspects were highPeople got called queers by officersGarton got arrested18 year olds say it was penny wise Next time they see each other one is gonna seriously hurt the other Start of pg 24They were planning to write a book about Derry and that they were trying to go thereStart if pg 30Adrian wins the I ?? Derry hat at the festival which got this kid named Garton angry. He threatened Adrian to eat the hat, and Adrian said something else he could eat, which got this kid named Webby angrier. Later Webby and his friends caught a guy and a girl while they were walking home  from the Falcon by the Kissing Bridge in Derry. Web by and his friends shoved Don towards the railing and Webb’s and his friends beat up Adrian while Don calls for help. The group threw Adrian over the railing into the water. Don and Unwin both said they were seeing a clown in the canal. Don said the clown picked up Adrian’s body and crushed him as he threw him to the ground. Unwin said the clown bit into Adrian’s armpit, and Adrian died that night.Chapter 2 summary: the police investigated the case of the death of a gay boy who eyewitnesses say was a clown who killed him but, the teenagers are being called guilty for the moment but, eyewitnesses explained that the boys threw the gay boy over the bridge railing and into the canal. But, they said they saw a clown bite into the boys armpit and throw him to the ground.Chapter 3 summary: This chapter is about Mike Hanson who made a promise to make 6 phone calls from his home in Derry to remind the kids from 1958 to tell them that it is time for them to come back to Derry. The first call was to a young lady named Patricia Uris who starts up telling how great her husband is. His husbands name was Stanley and how they met in College. They got married not long after they graduated from College. Stanley had a job as an accountant, and they tried to get PREGNANT many times and, they found out nothing was wrong with Pat and how she couldn’t have children. So they just excepted it and went on with no children. Then a man named Mike calls. Stan answers with a beer in his hand at around 7pm and takes a bath. Pat then walked into the bathroom to find blood all over the wall of the bathroom and Stan in the tub with his arms cut open wide. And the words IT were written out in blood on the floor and walls. The second call went to Richie Tozier. He lives in LA and is a DJ. He became famous because of his multiple manipulations and acting on his weird but funny voices he can do. And he called for some reason to come back to Derry but he doesn’t know why or when he will be back. The third call is to Ben Hanscom, who is a handsome man who drinks a ton of alcohol. Specifically Whiskey. He also has a Cadillac which he drove away into the night. The 4th call is to Eddie Kaspbrak, he owns a limo service and when they are on their way to Derry his wife Myra begs Eddie to come with.  He said no as he left her and kissed her goodbye. The 5th call was to Beverly Marsh. She is a fashion designer and Rogan’s abusive husband, Tom, heard Beverly’s conversation with Mike on the phone and starts into a rage when he sees Beverly packing the bag. Beverly usually does what Tom saipys so he doesn’t get abused, but this time she is ignoring him and she is going to leave for Derry. She fought Tom back since he was in a rampage, breaking his teeth and striking his testicles with the belt he plans to use on her. She grabs her suitcase and runs to her car, she laughed as she drove her car into the night on her way to Derry. The 6th and final call was to Billy Denbrough. Georgie’s younger brother who got killed by IT. Bill got Mikes call in England as he was staying at an apartment that he rented. Bill was a horror book author and great author, and he has a wife. Audra Phillips who was an actress in one of Bills movies based on one of his books. Bill to his wife he had to go to Derry and his wife questioned and Bill said it was for his brother. “I miss him so much.” Bill says. As he drove to Derry. None of them knew what they were up against. The first interlude summary: Derry’s town librarian, Mike Hanlon, begins making fake history of Derry. He describes his research and old books, and interviews the historians and old town residents. He argued whether to call the others after the Adrian Mellon incident  or since he believes “the thing that was here in 1957 and 1958” he said, is still in Derry and has been here since the town’s was found. Mike tells the others the disasters, starting with the 1,741 disappearances of all the settlers in Derry, a story most people don’t know. He talks to a man whose wife heard voices coming from the drains in their house in 1957 and 1958. Betty Ripsom, was killed in December 1957, and her father says he heard Betty’s voice in his kitchen sink drain in fall 1958. Mike also said a Derry man poisoned his family and himself in 1851 and a group of lumberjacks found nine other lumberjacks chopped to bits in a cabin in 1879. On Easter in 1906 the Kitchener Ironworks exploded for an unknown reason, killing 102 people, 88 of them were children who were in an Easter-egg hunt in the factory. Derry’s killer rate is six times that of comparably sized New England cities. Some 40 to 60 children disappear in Derry each year. 127 children disappeared in 1958. Yet police dismiss Mike’s concerns and questions, saying the kids, even the toddlers among them, likely ran away from home.Chapter 4 summary Ben hascom takes a fall: Ben Hascom has an issue with the flight to Derry and the weather is really bad. His flight managed to leave but, it was very difficult through the awful weather. Ben also remembered the last day of school when Beverly Marsh signed his yearbook, he was the new kid at school and Beverly was the only one who signed it. Henry Bowers also failed fifth grade that year. He failed because Ben wouldn’t let him cheat off his final. Ben fears Henry’s revenge in him. Ben goes to the park where Henry can’t find him.Ben also searches for bottles. He carries all the bottles to Costello Avenue Market and gets them for the deposit money in return, which he uses on candy. Ben sometimes goes to the Derry Public Library, and Henry, along with his friends Victor Criss, Belch Huggins, and Patrick Hockstetter, watch Ben as he is in the library waiting to strike him. Ben remembers all the kids who have been killed or gone missing in recent months along with a sign for the 7pm curfew. Ben’s mother has told him not to go around town alone, but Ben doesn’t have any friends. So how will he not travel alone. Ben checked out a couple books to pass the time alone and buys a postcard. He wrote haikus on the card. Henry Bowers and his group catch Ben on Kansas Street, he is caught next to an empty Forest called the Barrens. They threaten Ben, and Henry threatened to carve his name in Ben’s belly with his knife. He gets the H done before Ben kicked himself down the hill into the Barrens. The bullies chased him into the Barrens and they kept running after him into the Kenduskeag Stream. Ben escaped and hides in a couple bushes along the stream. He hears the bullies harass other kids who are building a little dam in the stream. Ben dozed off in his hiding place and dreams about a winter day when he stayed late at school to help his teacher. On the way home he saw a clown standing on the ice in the frozen canal. The creature crawled to the top of the bridge and touched Ben’s boot. Ben escaped and ran home. Alone. When Ben woke up he approached the boys who were building the little dam. Bill is there with Eddie, who is in the middle of an asthma attack after the bullies made his nose bleed.Chapter 5 summary bill denbrough beats the devil: Bill was flying from London, He remembered his childhood bike. He described it as a Silver color, with a giant old “clunker”, and it was able to moving really fast. “It would beat the devil,” Bill said. He had that memory of Silver saving his life because of Bill and Richie dashing away far, far away from the abandoned house. Bill had  multiple other, clearer memories of riding Silver. Henry, Belch, and Victor beat up Eddie while Eddie and Bill built a dam in the Barrens stream. They made Eddie’s nose bleed, which caused him to have an asthma attack. Then Ben, the bullies target, emerges from hiding. Bill told Ben to stay with Eddie so he can get Eddie’s medicine so he doesn’t die. Bill ran to the drugstore on Silver. Georgie’s murder, and his parents’ elaborated to him. When his bike slowed down, the memories move more and more into his mind. At the drugstore Mr. Keene gives Bill  new medicine for Eddie, and he gave the bill to Mrs. Kaspbrak’s account. Neither Kids knew the HydrOx Mist in the aspirator is just water they said. Bill returned to the Barrens, thinking about Georgie; he thought of Georgie and the other murdered and or missing kids were probably killed by the same person. Bill gave Eddie the aspirator, and Eddie’s breath slowed back to normal almost immediately. Bill, Ben, and Eddie talked for a while. Eddie said he feared his mother will take him to the emergency room when she sees the blood on his shirt. Ben told them why the bullies were after him and apologized. He invites Ben to come back the next day to hang out. In the dirt Ben sketches a plan for a real dam they can build with boards and rocks. The boys leave together, and Ben suggests Eddie get a chocolate milk and spill it on his shirt to hide the bloodstains. Chapter 6 summary: 

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