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Cheating is also a way of theft and also a way where everyone gets guilt. In this essay, I’m going to persuade that “Why cheating is wrong ?”.Cheating is not only copying someone’s work if we are unfaithful and dishonest to someone who trusts us is also a type cheating. Even Though every one of us knows that cheating in exams and major assignments are wrong and being dishonest to the person who believes us. There are some situations that make us do that. When we are cheating it may be comforting and makes our mind think we solved our problem and got out of it. But, the reality is that we are not really getting our problem solved, we are making the problem worse than it was. And cheating in a major grade is a thing where we lose our identity of being unique because when we are not giving or presenting our work whereas us are stealing someone’s work and their ideas. Even if we get a full grade in major grade it is not the reward for us.
When we caught by someone after we cheating, we have to face harder consequences not only we will get external conflict but also internal conflict as guilt. Although we can face the external conflict we can’t face the internal conflict, the guilt is the worst punishment for everyone for cheating. As I said before the happiness from cheating is not permanent it just a fake temporary so we will feel ashamed and also get stressed.
Not everyone cheats intentionally the situation makes them do that, and after that, they pay for it as consequences.
For example, One day when i was stressed about getting admission in a college because I have to study in another country due to my family financial issues so I was focused on that and i was confused because i applied to many colleges they applications were denied because the seats are full for the fall intake so I couldn’t complete my major grade assignment which was due on that day so I asked my friend to share his assignment so that I could get and idea about the assignment but I couldn’t get any idea so I just copied his assignment and changed few sentences and words, I thought I will be in a safer but when the teacher found it. I felt ashamed of myself because I never copied someone’s work before so I never felt ashamed of myself.

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