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Children get ill more than young people, their immune system
is not totally residential when they get ill or injured they are more at risk
then the young people.

There are some actions that should be to be performed if a
child and young people ill or injured.

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First we have to understand the significance
of the issue when the child or the young person is sick or injured. Some time
the home remedies are enough in case of fever or bumped or slipped but often it
can worse in case of bleeding or vomiting so the medical treatment is required.
We need to react according to the situation and make sure the life of children
and the young people should not be on the risk.



First aid is a form of medical action which
provides to the suffered person in an accident or adverse injuries before appropriate
medical facilities reached to the destination. It is important that the
children with illnesses should be acknowledged. It is our duty to provide f aid
to the child if they get hurt or ill like if child faint or dehydrated provide
water, rub their hands and foot and if they have fever or normal cold and cough
home remedies can be enough.  


for help

If u finds someone get ill or injured look
around and try to understand the situation and make sure that there is nothing
that make u harm. Then call for help before u r going to helping someone who gets
injured if anyone is there to help u tell them to call to the help lines or
tell to the concern department and get ready to pursue the guideline before
proper medical help arrived.



The child and the young people who get sick
or injured or they are going through severe pain and need physical treatment as
well emotional hold. Especially children get very sensitive when they get ill
or injure. They need their loved ones all the time with them.

Emotional support helps them to recover





up with doctors

If someone gets ill or injured make sure
that they concern with their doctors. Doctors will do medical treatment to ill
or injured person so they get batter. Doctors know batter the seriousness of


6-    Call the police

In case of road accident
where a child or young people get injured call immediately to police. Police
will react as a quick responder. Do not try to rescue the victim if you are not
fully trained.


7-    Call

If there is no serious
illness or injuries u can go to the hospital or any medical centre and consult
to the doctor. If the injuries or illness are serious and need emergency
medical attention call the ambulance. Because the paramedical staff of the
ambulance are well trained and start to give medical treatment on the way to
hospital as delaying in the treatment can causes high risk for the victim’s


We can play
an important role in providing safe and healthy environment to children and the
young people and make sure they are at minimized risk.


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