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Christine VilliFather DanReligion 12January 11, 2018Aristotle Aristotle is a very well known Ancient Greek Philosopher, he was alive during the times of  384-322 BCE. During this time Aristotle was known as the man who knew everything. Aristotle studied under Plato and went to Plato’s school called Plato’s Academy. He never became the Head of the school but he instead he started his own school in 355 BCE, the name of this school was Lyceum. At this school he taught one student in particular whose name was Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was Aristotle’s most famous student. He was born in Macedonia in 356 BCE.. As he learned from Aristotle he was taught many things, his favorite thing to learn about was Mythology. This was because his favorite book as a child was the Iliad written by Homer, he loved Mythology because he thought he was a descendant of one of the gods. As he grew up he learned about things that he liked to do and things that he did not like to do. Alexander eventually became a king hense the name Alexander the Great. Surprisingly he did not die in battle. “For a very long time we never knew what killed Alexander the Great but after years of researching it was finally determined that he died from drinking poisonous wine from an innocuous-looking plant that, when fermented, is incredibly deadly.” (Aprilholloway.) Aristotle was the type of man who believed that there was a purpose for everything. He uses his senses to determine everything that he does. “Aristotle’s main study and most important work was Biology.” (“Home.”)If there was no Aristotle there would be no modern science. There would not be any kind of medicine that there is today and there would be no cures for anything. Aristotle says that there can only be a science if there is a known object that it is talking about. Therefore everything that we know of is real and everything has a science behind it.

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