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Civil engineering has been an integral part of our lives
since ages. It is one of the most useful application of physical and scientific
principles. An individual’s academic appetite can only be satiated through a
relentless pursuit of knowledge.   I sincerely believe that pursuing graduation
at XXX University at this juncture of my career will be an ideal step in
this direction as it would present an opportunity to acquire extensive
knowledge and become the vanguard of cutting edge research. The multifaceted exposure I
gained during my site visits and project work added volumes o my interest in
pursuing a master’s in construction management. I wish to effectively
contribute to the development of this field, providing sustainable developments
and thus reducing the harm caused to the environment. This will strengthen my
ability to achieve my long term goal to gain practical hands-on experience as a
researcher and contribute to the discipline of engineering


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Construction has been a major part for around 22
years of my life. My
decision to major in Civil Engineering is a direct result of my desire to
contribute to the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure in my country,
aiming towards improving its global standing. Foundation of this lies in my
childhood admiration of my father, who is the head of a construction
organization whom I frequently accompanied for his site
visits. Since childhood, each time I visited the site
and witnessed the machines and related processes, my excitement and
inquisitiveness knew no bounds. My desire to pursue my MS in Civil Engineering
stems from the gradual accumulation of theories and naïve practical
applications of the observed concepts during the site visits. Now, as I
stand on at threshold of my professional career, I am eagerly looking forward
for a master’s program at your esteemed university. As Swedish education system
is known to nurture ideas and unleash the maximum possibilities which lead to
bright innovations in the modern world.

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During my school days, apart from
building a strong base in Math and Basic Sciences, it also helped me to evolve
my overall personality. I am optimistic and
hardworking and strongly believe in maintaining ethical integrity in all my
endeavours.  Consequently I
topped every class I attended in school and high school. After completing my high school, I knew that
Engineering would be the area, which would give me the opportunity to learn and
explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to create technology for
practical and real purposes.  My hard work and perseverance paid off when I was
one of the successful applicant out of 3,50,0000 odd students in a state level
entrance examination for undergraduate study 
through which I could cherish my dream of getting  into the stream of Civil Engineering in a
reputed institution. After getting
my place secured in one of the toughest courses Engineering has to offer, I
focused on what I was going to do next.  The
course structure offered by the Civil Engineering department is quite
outstanding and my perspective and understanding have received tremendous
fillips.  I had first formal exposure to Construction Management through courses like “Building and
Construction Material” and “Architectural Planning and Design of Buildings”,
which opened my eyes to the latest construction technology and management
methods. The course in “Construction Management” highlighted the importance of
effective team coordination for project execution in quality construction
practice and exposed me to plethora of applications of Operations Research
in Project Management.

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