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CMT is Carlifornia Mastitis Test which have a purpose to test the mastitis at the udder of the ruminant especially cow. CMT will examine the mastitis of the udder by collecting the milk from four udder and determine by the coagulation of the milk when it was added with CMT solvent. Usually, CMT technique is among the famous technique of the farmers to detect the mastitis inflammation at the udder of the cow. There are three weakness that have we observe from this technique. Firstly, the weakness of the CMT Technique from One Lazuli is the mastitis test cannot do in a large number of cow. As an example, the mastitis test only can do in one cow per time which will require a lot of time to examine one whole farm. Second, the CMT technique need human labour which the CMT must do manually without any help of the machine and technology. Thus, the profit of the farm will be reduced by an increment of labour worker for CMT program. Third, the weakness of the CMT is when human examine the result of the CMT. There will be parallax error which the result is not accurate. As an example the mastitis of the cow is actually absent, however, from the examination of human, the cow was being resulted as a mastitis cow.Thus, it cause lost of the profit for the farm. In conclusion, all of these weakness can be overcome by the technology of the CMT. The technology must have higher ability to determine the presence of mastitis just from a scanner to the udder. Thus, time taken to observe and examine will reduce and the accurate result of the mastitis infection can be obtained by the new technology devices. With knowledge, we serve. With technology we strive for a better future

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