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is an unforgettable event that has occurred throughout history, these events occurred
for over 400 years. The Spanish, the French and the British were Europe’s three
most notable colonizers. These three countries were motivated by their selfish
desire for free material gain, spreading of their new founded religion and
their willingness to expand their territory. The whole of Africa,
the Balkans, Southeast Asians, the Middle Eastern and South Americans faced diplomatic pressure, military invasion and above all
colonialism from the Europeans during the years of 1870s to 1900. The Africans begin
to build various sort of resistance against the attempt of colonization been
carried out on their respective countries and impose foreign dominations.
Unfortunately, by the early twentieth century, more than half of the continent had
been colonized by the Europeans at power. The three main reasons that pushed
the sovereignty of the Europeans over African countries at the time was for
economic, political and social reasons. The quest to attain power and the
exploitation of land filled with natural resources. After the downfall of slave
trade in the nineteenth century, and the expansion of the European capitalist
industrial revolution, colonization was the next tactic. Could there be a
relative correlation between colonization and the economic and social
performance of the colonized countries? The Truth remains, colonization in a
way has impacted the colonized continents socially, politically and
economically both negatively and positively.  

Even in
the current complex society of today, the effects of colonization have remained
intact and can still be felt. The most obvious of these long-term effects on
society is the intractable conflict found in many of the regions that were once
colonized by the Europeans power or soviet unions. Thomas H. Greer from a brief
history of the western world said that “all the new nation faced several
problems, for political independence did not automatically bring them
prosperity and happiness. They were seldom free of external influences. They
were still bound to…… structures developed earlier by the colonial powers.” The
origin of the intractable conflict sprung from the colonial policies regarding
territorial boundaries, the unfavorable treatment of the indigenous population,
the hegemony of some group over the other, the unequal wealth distribution,
local government infrastructural facilities, and the creation of non-democratic
governmental system.  These conflicts
cannot be understood only by examining current ongoing problems, it is very
important to look back at influential historical factors that might has led to
these conflicts, most importantly the soviet policies and the long lasting
after effects.

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colonization of American had and still has a drastic effect on the native
people, their environment and even the colonist their selves. The Europeans
colonization of America took a toll on the population of the Native Americans.
The Europeans came in with a disease that the Native Americans are liable to be
harmed by. The also introduced westernized culture including new language which
is English language, the put their own embed culture at risk of eradication.
There was also the establishment of conflict between different indigenous
groups and the expulsion from their land. These events continue its
manifestation till present moments, even after several attempts to make past
wrongs right, colonization left a long-lasting effect on its colony and their
territories. He same situation applicable to African countries that were colonized,
many of the countries were left with diluted cultures. The African traditional
religions were mostly replaced with Christianity. They were taught how to eat European
food, and dress like the Europeans. They were forced to abandon their cultures
and learn the new way that has been brought to them.


One of
the positive outcome of the act of Colonization is the introduction of western
education.  The introduction of Christianity
brought education to most African countries by establishing mission schools to
educate the local people and help them in learning about their culture and
land, and also to learn about the new religion that has been brought to them.
The colony masters also trained the colonized to defend themselves against
their enemies, they might even give them weapons to fight back when been attacked,
with all the help been rendered, the colonized feels safer. They also
introduced new technology system to the country, the new technology
introduction helped in their farming process, there is also introduction of new
crops such as maize and manioc. There are also constructions of many new
infrastructures, that enhances transport, communication, networking, health and
schools. They also introduced other universal languages such as English, French
and Portuguese, which has granted more advantages to be able to communicate globally
without any obstacles. Colonialism has also give the whole world more insight into the
rich and vibrant African culture, although they adopted some the European culture,
its abundance in natural and mineral resources and introducing the countries to
trade on the international markets


studies have found quite big negative relationship between the numbers of slave
trade exported from a country at the time of colonization and the current
economic performances. Concrete evidences suggest that slave trade had an
adverse effect on economic developments. Families were torn apart due to
partition of Africa which created new boundaries leading to present conflicts
and the slave trade which millions of people away from their families and


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