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Communication is
a p?rt of lif?. The ability t? communicate cl??rl? ?nd effe?tively is one ?f
th? m?in skills th?t pe?ple h?ve. The use ?f technol?gy c?n be a gr??t ?pp?rtunity
for people in c?mmunic?ting, reducing tim?. But technology can have consequences
?f r?ducing p?rs?n-to-person interaction without the device. Today
Communication technology h?s r?pidly
developed. Moreover, users n?w h?ve the ch?nce to sh?re through social media channels
what they like. But the same goes for social
medi?, most pe?ple admire it, as one of the best inv?ntions and some seem to
take it as a neg?tive impact on the s?ciety.

I want to
talk about p?sitive influenc?s of the social m?dia and communication technology. First ?dvantage is connectivity whi?h
is the m?in positive side of the social media. Peopl? from anywhere can ??nnect
with anyone, d?spite the location. Sec?nd is the opportunity f?r educ?tion. Social media gives a lot of
possibilities to stud?nts and t?achers. It is v?ry ??s? to educ?te from
oth?rs in s?cial medi?. Y?u c?n f?llow anyon? to l?arn from him/h?r. R?g?rdl?ss
of y?ur loc?tion and educ?tion b?ckground you can g?t knowledg?, with?ut p?ying
f?r it. ?hird is R?al-Tim? Inf?rm?ti?n Sh?ring. ?his c?n b?
a gre?t tim? s?v?r f?r ev?ry?ne. Y?u c?n sh?re y?ur issu?s with th? c?mmunity to g?t h?lp and ?dvice.
F?rth advantage is t? Improves Business Reputation. F?r ex?mple positive feedback and sharing ab?ut a comp?ny can help th?m with s?les
and g??dwill. Since pe?ple are fr?e to sh?re wh?tever th?y want on the soci?l
medi?, it can impact positively wh?n good words are sh?red. But also the us?ge
of soci?l medi? can also have a n?gative imp?ct like on the he?lth. Most of the
userd get lazy b?cause of the exc?ssive us? of social n?twork whi?h in result
brings dis?rd?r in our routin? lif?. Second disadvantage is w?ste of tim?. Social
medi? can tak? over y?ur lif?. Forth neg?tive side is h?cking.  Personal data can easil? be hacked and shared
on the Internet. Several personal VK and Instagram a??ounts can be hacked and
the hacker can post materials th?t have affected the individuals personal lives.
It is one of the dangerous disadvantages of the social media. Fifth is virtu?l
world which devour mind of us?rs and actually most of dependent users of
communication technology die.

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To sum up, I w?nt to say that social media and communication technology  




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