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comparison of hosting providers

We are about to compare these 3 hosting providers

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Site Ground


HostGator Cloud


Gator Cloud



HostGator is the one of best hosting
providers and its pricing starts with 3 different packages.
Going with this package cost
starts about $3.48/month with single domain, one click installs and unmetered
“Baby Plan”
This package cost will starts
from $4.98/month with unlimited domain, one click install and unmetered
Starts at $7.48/month with
unlimited domain, one click install and unmetered bandwidth and it have lot
of free features like free positive SSL, free Dedicated IP and a free Toll
free number.

The SiteGround
pricing is in the same way with 3 packages.
“Start Up”
This plan starts with $3.95/month and have 10GB web-space and can upload
1 website and it’s suitable for 10,000 visitors/month
“Grow Big”
This one starts with $5.95/month with 20GB web-space and multiple
websites can be uploaded and have some premium feature and suitable for 25,000
visits a month.
“Go Geek”
This plan starts with $11.95/month with 30GB web-space and we can upload
multiple websites and it’s suitable for 100,000 visits/month.

Famous for
being one cheap hosting provider in market, its plans are
“Single Web hosting”
A very cheap plan of $2.15/month for smaller project website with 10GB
disk space and 100GB bandwidth 1 database and 1 email account.
“Premium Hosting”
starts at $3.49/month and have unlimited bandwidth and disk space and
unlimited email accounts and 3x word press optimized speed.
“Business web hosting”
starts with $7.95/month with a daily backup plan and deluxe live support and
5x word press optimized speed.

HostGator provides money back guarantee of
45 days.

SiteGround gives 30 days money
back guarantee.

And Hostinger provides 30 days
money back guarantee.


Recommended by
Word Press as a top WordPress hosting provider.


HostGator provides unlimited disk-space.

It provides 10-30GB disk-space.

It provides 10 to unlimited disk-space.

Domain name free for 1 year.



99.99% uptime.

99.98% uptime.

99.78% uptime.

It have load time 565ms.

Load time is

475ms is the
load time.

1 click install for Word Press and Joomla.

1 click install Word Press.

One click word press and Joomla

HostGator is a global provider of web
hosting and related services. (HostGator,

Site Ground
has laid up 800,000 domains in world across USA, Europe and Asia.

providing hosting to 29 million+ clients in 178 countries.

While using HostGator Cloud, you don’t need to worry
about it, as their speed of 565ms is 2x better than industry average
(1185ms). Only A2 Hosting (a
bit more expensive) and Blue Host
Cloud (has bad uptime) are faster than HostGator Cloud. (Smith,

the same 24-month period, our SiteGround test site saw average page loading
times of 585ms – faster than the 1185ms average load times we found from
other web hosts. (Brad, 2017)

boasts servers in the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK). And each is reportedly
connected to a 1000 Mbps connection, which ensures that loading times are
stable. (Stevens, 2017)
















We are about to take a look on the reviews about these
providers from different blogs and websites.

HostGator Overall Review
by Hosting Facts

#1st in OVERALL
#5th in SPEED (565ms)
#1st in UPTIME (99.99%)

HostGator Cloud is the best web hosting we’ve tested so
far. (Smith, 2017)

SiteGround Overall Review
by Hosting Facts

#2nd in OVERALL
#6th in SPEED (585ms)
#5th in UPTIME (99.98%)

SiteGround is the best option for WordPress websites
& blogs. (Brad, 2017)

Hostinger Overall Review
by Hosting Facts

#6th in OVERALL
#2nd in SPEED (475ms)
#24th in UPTIME (99.78%) (Stevens, 2017)

HostGator Overall Reviews
by Who Is Hosting This

“HostGator provides some of the best value for your money. Their
affordable plans include all the bells and whistles that you would expect. Such
as one-click app installs, 24/7
customer support, and an included website builder.

for individuals and small businesses, HostGator offers speedy cloud hosting at extremely
affordable prices. They use this same cloud architecture
to power their optimized WordPress plans as well.” (Moraes, 2017)

SiteGround Overall Review
by Who Is Hosting This


“We’ve ranked SiteGround as our number #1 web hosting company.
Not only for their outstanding
user satisfaction rating, but also for their hundreds of
free extras, and awesome
tech support.

host more than a quarter of a million domains, 1,000s of servers across three
continents and allow you to tailor your hosting plan to your exact needs.” (Moraes, 2017)

Hostinger Overall Review
by Who Is Hosting This

“Hostinger web hosting
is straightforward,
simple, and cheap. Their optimized WordPress hosting includes a
customized control panel, as well as pre-installed themes and plug-ins.

users have the option of enhanced security and super-speed hosting on their SSD
architecture for a slightly higher price. Hostinger
even provides a team of WordPress
experts to help you out with anything you need.” (Moraes, 2017)


After having a thorough look at all the features and reviews
I have decided the HostGator as our hosting provider.
At first I had a lot of questions on my mind but a thought comes to mind is we
have an E-Commerce website and we might going to need to upgrade the servers
anytime overnight and we might need more available resources anytime, it’s a
cloud hosting not VPS So, we have these all things and it have more flexibility,
usage of multiple servers.
And with HostGator we have unlimited bandwidth and disk space at any plan but
we are about to go with “Baby Plan”.

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