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Compering different separatism movements
The first separatist movement we are going to look at is the one between Kosovo and Serbia.

Then we will look into Catalonia separating from Spain, Eastern Ukraine separating from Russia and lastly, we will look at the Kurds.
In February of 2008, the province Kosovo separated from Serbia and became an independent country. The Albanian part of Kosovo’s population were thrilled, but the Serbian minority of the population were not. Conflicts were started, and Kosovo’s independence weren’t recognized by the Serbians.
Today, Kosovo has been recognized as an independent state by over 100 countries, including America and Sweden. However, Russia and China both stand with Serbia and refuses to recognize Kosovo. The Serbs living in Kosovo are conflicted whether they should join their new society or protest. In southern Kosovo, many of the Serbs have joined the society, however in the north, a minority of Serbians, are against the independence. In the beginning, Serbia supported the Serbs in northern Kosovo, but in 2013, Kosovo and Serbia, with the help of EU, made a deal that meant that Kosovo would be recognized as having superiority over the Serbian-dominated areas in the north.
November 2013, Kosovo had its first election, the Serbs threatened to boycott it, but the election was able to be completed in peace.
In the middle ages, Catalonia allied with France. In the 1400s Catalonia grew closer to Spain under the rule of King Ferdinand. The Catalonian industry had great success in the 1800s. Which the Spanish made sure to take advantage of. In the 1800s the modern separatism started, which inspired many. In 1936 the Spanish civil war started which stopped the separatism in Catalonia. When the war ended in 1939, the new ruler of Spain came into power and oppressed Catalonia. Today Catalonia is rich. They pay money to the poor parts of Spain. Catalonians are not happy with this. In 2017 Catalonians had a referendum vote. Only 37% participated but 90% of them voted to leave. However, Spain decided this was illegal and denied them their independence.
Eastern Ukraine:
The Kurds:
The Kurds have never had their own state

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