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Science is an ultimate field of challenges and creativity. The more complexities
involved in a problem, the more inspiration is needed in searching for the best
solution. Similarly, when I log into Facebook or YouTube every day and come up
with some new feature, what I feel is a sense of marvel. Highly passionate and
technology-driven, my career is my passion, and it holds my full dedication and
commitment. To add more value to the same, I have decided to do Masters in
Computer Science from the highly reputed university like yours, Oregon State
University. This university would give me not only a degree, but also innovative
methods of self-development skills and a new style of learning with
international standards.

my childhood, computers and electronic things captivated me. I was so much
fascinated by the working of The Games like Mario, Vice City that I played on the
computer. I still remember one memory when I was in 4th class, I
opened my CPU to find out what’s inside it. This curiosity always motivated to
pursue science. With lots of hard work and motivation, I maintained brilliant academic
record scoring 90% in the 10th class and 88.80 % in 12th

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2011, due to my interest in Electronics, I choose ECE branch for my
undergraduate and got an admission in Guru Nanak Dev University. During the first
five semesters, I was introduced to various technical courses, of which, Programming
Languages and Algorithms, Data Structures, Microprocessors, Probability, and
Statistics were my firm favorites. Studying these courses made my journey college
life very interesting. During this period, my interests gradually drifted
towards the computer science especially in Machine Learning and algorithmic
related courses. I spent seven to ten hours a day in front of my laptop as I
code, debug my programs. I was deeply impressed when I saw smart and beautiful
code that does something runs successfully. I love to code because if I can
think it, I can make it a reality. Then I further took Operating Systems,
Computer Architecture, Neural Networks subjects. My GPA is 8.58 for all 8
semesters but for the core subjects it can be listed among top 5% ranking of my
grade. My achievements in undergraduate include top in Mathematics-1, Digital
Electronics subjects and receiving 10/10 GPA in last semester.

during the undergraduate served to broaden my domain knowledge through the application
of classroom concepts. In my 4th semester during my project, I
implemented the simulation of electronic circuits on software. The aim of this
project is to check the feasibility of electronic circuits without practically
being implemented to save cost and time. In the 6th semester during
my major project work, I did a project on Machine Learning on the research and development
of Natural Language Text Processor. I was motivated by the consideration that natural
language processing system can interpret speech and text as humans naturally
speak and type it. I implemented features such as Auto summarization text,
Spell checking and gave application demo. I was awarded “class A” rating for
the project, an honor to which only 1% students in my department were entitled
that year.

graduating, my learning did not stop. I have completed many courses such as
Introduction to Machine Learning, Design and Analysis of Algorithms from Indian
Institute of Technology with good grades. I actively participated in various coding
competitions on CodeChef and Hackerrank platforms. Besides studying, I played a
lot of games like Chess, Table Tennis for the electronics department. I was also a part of the Electronic
Club, I organized various workshops and events such as coding competitions in
my university.

a period of previous work experience is one of my greatest assets. The
knowledge of programming languages coupled my analytical, quantitative aptitude
could earn me jobs in 3 MNC namely Nagarro Softwares, TCS, and HCL which was
the highest number of placements of an individual in the Electronics department
of my batch. I have done two internships in last semester, one at Emblogic
Embedded Pvt. Ltd. and other at Nagarro Softwares, where I am currently
working.  At Emblogic, I worked on
developing a “Client Server Application on Linux Platform”. The
project involved building voice/text chat and file transfer application within
a network. The motivation was to use open source technology, reliability, and low-cost
application. In Nagarro, I was given hands-on training on .Net, HTML CSS,
Javascript and then I was allocated project Inventory Management. It was the
first time that I wrote my code at production level.

my Internship, I continue to work as full time with Nagarro. In the time span
of 2 years, I worked on C++, Microsoft .Net, Sharepoint, AngularJS, MVC
platforms and build highly complex and reliable financial Applications.
Performance and build Intelligent solution is my top priority. I was very
successful and was quickly promoted from Junior Associate to Associate, but,
more importantly, I discovered that I truly enjoyed working with coding. I
really liked the creative possibilities in programming and even more, I was
intrigued by the process of modelling problems and then implementing different
solutions through programming. Other responsibilities include giving
presentations, interacting with clients and training newly hired interns.

working on various technologies, the real picture of how innovations and
advancement in the field of computer science especially in Machine Learning have
ignited in me a spark to expand my horizon of knowledge by doing more research
in the field of Computer Science. In the next five years I hope to complete PhD
with intense research experience, but my immediate short-term goal is to
complete masters with research and good grades which would be a learning

content in the Computer Science program at your University has impressed me
because it offers a good mix of courses which will help me in my goals of
learning the practical application of Algorithms while also allowing me to
specialize in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

thank you for this opportunity to express myself, through this statement which
is my earnest purpose for pursuit of Academic Excellence. I am convinced that
my study at your department would be meaningful and valuable experience. I look
forward to having a long and fruitful association with your esteemed college.



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