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confidence regarding their future because
there are no jobs. Majority of the workers survive with earnings below the
poverty level. In the formal centers, workers are hit by challenges such as
going for months without their wages. Unemployment is the biggest crisis that
the government should address. Some of the problems associated with
unemployment include people in the urban areas going without food, medical care,
and water. The government is seeking employment laws to protect the informal
employment. Majority of the youths and especially the graduates are jobless.
This has contributed to job crisis that is observable in social media.
Additionally, there is a severe loss of employment following the economic
crisis that has rendered the country poor and dependent upon international
donors. Following the rate of unemployment, most health professionals have left
the country, and some graduates are not interested in enrolling in these
professions (May, 2007).

The apparatus of
healthcare coverage

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In Zimbabwe, the public health system is
the largest source of healthcare services, established by the mission hospitals
and health care delivery under the non-governmental organizational (NGOs) (, 2017). In the recent past, the
country has experienced an economic decline and political instability that has
affected the healthcare budgets. This has led to a 40% decline in the
healthcare coverage. The shortage of skilled professionals is also related to the
eroded infrastructure and lack of equipped hospitals. Some of the hospitals
lack essential machines such as laundry, kitchen equipment, and other apparatus
used in medical services. Following the advances technology, the healthcare
system has changed dramatically to enhance quality delivery of services. In the
recent past, this county has been hit by poor maternal and child health issues
following the consistently falling economy.

The government has
taken measures regarding healthcare coverage although this is not effective to
solve all the challenges facing this country. For instance, in 2009, HIV and
AIDs accounted for more than 20% of deaths due to lack of healthcare coverage 

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