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Congested cities,
with lots of  overcrowding and pollution,
penalise car ownership and customers are encouraged to use car sharing. With
most car sharing programs one can build a history of insurance without paying
extra money. People who are physically disabled can be targeted as car sharing
is a good option for them. Car sharing companies can design various programs
for different sets of people like office going, students, physically disabled,
older people offering some benefits that are suitable for them. One can decide
which program best suits them.  Self-image
congruence is an important phenomenon that brand marketers try hard to exploit
in various consumer markets. Self Image congruence is basically how an
individual perceives things and how it alters their behaviour in the
marketplace. People nowadays are moving from an age of ownership to an age of
access/utility. Self image congruence depicts how an individual perceives a
car. For some it is a status symbol but for others it’s a means of access or
utility. Americans love cars but it certainly drains their time and money and
this is where car sharing attracts them. Car sharing gives a short term
relationship to people like getting a motel room instead of buying a house.
People for whom saving money is more important prefer car sharing because the
costs are way too less than owing a car. The initial membership fee is less, discount
packages on weekdays as well as weekends and less time to commute all of these
factors attracts the customers. The larger the fleet, the greater is the
ability to spread the costs over technology and personnel.             There are people who are fond of
reading books, watching movies, so car sharing provides this. There are apps in
which when you login you get cash backs like Uber, Ola. For people who don’t
know driving car sharing is a good option. In case of drink and drive also car
sharing is beneficial. Traffic jams in densely populated cities has led people
to shift to car sharing. Young professionals are more inclined towards car
sharing as they have a mindset to access things not own them. Public transport
is expensive in some places so this can make car sharing more attractive.

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