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Context: (1947-1971) One day before the creation of Pakistan the Constitute assembly was established under the Indian independence act and was given a machinery by British government for transferring power to Pakistan, built up the constitution, East Pakistanis was equally featured as west Pakistanis in this assembly. Communal discrimination was experienced by East Pakistan so they considered themselves as more pro Pakistan as compare to West Pakistan. This can be a reason that Pakistan went out of her way to elect from her selected people 6 Urdu speaking non Pakistani which includes Mr. Liaqat Ali khan first prime minister of Pakistan. Mr. Tamizuddin khan who is known by his constitutional fight on 1954 against the governor general held the chairmanship assembly. The main reason of this assembly was to pass the resolution in 1949 but till 1956 no resolution was passed. East Pakistan was represented by 4/5 politicians in Liaqat Ali Khan’s first centre. Khuwaja Nazimuddin handed on as Governor General after death of Jinnah and when Liaqat ali khan died he thought to took over the seat of prime minister forced that it should be hand over to East Pakistani. As far as the centre legislature is concerned, that was a major decision and in it East Pakistani were featured. Hence he enjoyed participation of politics and was much active in their work as the other parties of the country were in a collective sense. On defeat of Muslims league rule at provincial level in 1954 a radical change was made in East Pakistan in 1955. Than the parties who won said that old Muslim league member shall be replaced by second assembly. Among new members Mr H.S Shurawardy, who was the ex-chief of awami league had assumed the office of prime minister of Pakistan. He claimed that 98% self- government had already being enjoyed by East Pakistan at a meeting held at Platan Maidan in Dacca on 14 June 1957. Mr.Ata ur rehman khan, Mr. A.K- Fazlul Haq were also part of this meeting. In 1956 during their membership first Pakistani Constitution was passed, so it can be said with proof that they had designed the nation destiny. That’s why it is unusual to say that East Pakistanis were less citizens then west Pakistanis. East Pakistan was the major part of federation of Pakistan. East Pakistan was separated from West Pakistan in 1971 due to many minor and major issues. Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman put stress on General Muhammad Yahya Khan for his rule on administration but government fully opposed his demand, the desire of General Muhammad Yahya khan to stay in his position had resulted in more critical condition. Meanwhile Sheikh Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman announced Non Cooperation movement with governmental affairs. Due to this protest, not giving of taxes, increase of assassination and boycott from courts became daily routine. To overcome the circumstances General Tikka Khan was appointed as the Governor of East Pakistan but still situation was not controlled by government. During this Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman positions a parallel government under the supervision of India. On 23rd March 1971 Sheikh Mujeeb-urRehman waved Bangladesh flag on his house, in these situations Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman was arrested and this made the Atmosphere more worst .Civil war broke out and then  India had his  full  support with Awami league and  started sending terrorist in east Pakistan  due to which  millions of people started to migrate in India. Making an excuse of helping East Pakistan, Government of India attacked them. Due to slit of groundwater, aerial and with the collaboration with local people effective operation was unable to establish in East Pakistan. At last India succeeded in his mission and East Pakistan was separated from West Pakistan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto play a vital role in this separation as he abused people of East Pakistan in his speeches and he also said on many occasion “Udhar Tum Idhar Hum” which means dividing the nation into two parts and it is clear from his context. Thus on 16th December 1971 Pakistan was distributed into two parts and main cause of Separation of East Pakistan was Rise of Bengali Sub-Nationalism which boosted the other issues with it.

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