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on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is
an international agreement between governments, it aims to ensure that
international trade in species of wild animals and plants does not threaten
their survival (, 2018). CITES controls the level
of exploitation of animals and plants, to avoid habitat loss, decreasing
populations and avoiding species population going down to critical levels.

and wildlife parks cooperate with CITES, they have animals that belong to species
that are threatened in the wild and work with breeding programmes. The World
Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is an international organisation for
the animal collection community providing leadership and support. They are
partnered with organisations globally in animal welfare and care, conservation,
global sustainability and environmental education. WAZA and CITES both work
together with protecting the welfare of animals in collections. Zoos inform the
public about CITES in various ways, by providing relevant information about the
status of species on their websites, mentioning CITES in exhibits or posters
advising not to trade in specimens considered to be problematic to the conservation
of that species welfare or by having a temporary exhibit for the purpose of
raising awareness about CITES and the current concerns. The European Association
of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is an organization in conservation campaigns which
is associated with zoos. EAZA work together with CITES regarding the matter of promoting
to the public the issues regarding illegal and unsustainable trade, by campaigning,
fundraising and petitions.

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zoo in Rome (Fondazione Bioparco), the Minister of Environment, Land Protection
and Corpo Forestale dello Stato made an agreement and organised a permanent
display called ‘Furti di Nature’ which translates to ‘Stolen Nature’. The
display exposes and creates a greater awareness of the millions of live animals
that are ‘stolen from nature’ annually, for the pet trade, fur trade and the plant
and timber industry, the display represents the threat regarding nature and why
conservation is important. The exhibition consisted of various seized CITES specimens,
it focuses on the illegal capture and collection in trade and how it can affect
the global conservation of biodiversity.

promote a greater understanding of CITES, by working together in changing and
preventing animal welfare issues

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