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Cottonmouth: The cottonmouth snake of the south is extremely venomous and can kill you with one bite. Although cottonmouths are not underwater snakes, they are good swimmers and are commonly found near or in water. If you’re at Ladybird lake, watch out! This swimming hole is a place in Austin often associated with this snake. People also informally call cottonmouths water moccasins, black swimmers, and vipers. It is not hard to distinguish a cottonmouth. The largest can exceed four feet and the average adult is about three feet long. The colorings are usually all black, but patterns include tan or brown bands. In rare cases, fully brown and light cottonmouths have been found. Even though Texan hunters like to kill cottonmouths for game, they are nowhere close to being endangered, due to the large population and many food sources. As for diet, these snakes will eat almost anything that moves. Mice, all types of fish, insects, birds, and even small alligators. Predators are simply the larges birds of prey, including hawks, eagles, and herons.
Coral snake: Coral snakes are most often known for their distinct markings, which is a pattern of alternating stripes with the colors of red yellow and black. The coral snake has a small body, usually adults do not reach over two feet. Some species such as the king snake and milk snake are confused with the coral snake because of the similar markings, but don’t be fooled, the milk and king snakes are harmless. Many children are taught that “red and yellow kills a fellow, red and black (the colors of the other snakes) friendly jack”. As one may conclude from the rhyme, coral snakes are not safe and have an extremely fetal venom. Thankfully, few bites have been recorded due to the nature of the snakes having a very docile and reclusive demeanor. But for those who have been bitten, the treatment is very hard to create and costs five to ten million dollars. Yikes. Coral snakes are found in wooded and shady areas all over North America. They eat many small animals including lizards, insects, and bird eggs.
Rattlesnakes: One of Texas’ favorite snakes to talk about, the famous rattlesnake is always a popular snake in the south. Noticed usually from their loud rattling sound from the tail that sounds when rattlesnakes are alarmed, they are a common sight of threat. Rattlesnakes are largely hunted by humans, and even though they have a broad population it is constantly decreasing because of deforestation and destruction. Rattlesnakes are aggressive, and will bite when threatened. However, their bites are rarely fatal. They eat small birds, lizards, mice, and anything else that can be found in the hot temperatures rattlesnakes prefer to live in. These snakes are actually heavily hunted by predators like eagles, raccoons, possums, and a variety of other species. Rattlesnakes are a common symbol seen in the south. They have been used for decades, even depicted in colonial revolution posters to represent fighting.

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