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Date: 25-01-2018

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Journal: #1


Sub: EPM 1022


























What I learned?


There are total five project management process group and
ten knowledge areas. The process groups are written as follow:




Monitoring and controlling


 In this reflection I
am going to talk about first knowledge area that is project integration

In this management we first make choice about all the human
resource and nonhuman resources which is required for the project. And deal
with some of the potential problem before they become more dangerous for the
project. Also manage the interdependencies of all the knowledge areas which is
useful for the project management.


How would I use what
I learned?


I can use it to solve the future issue and for the long
duration project planning. It is also useful to use on ongoing operations that
may for the performing organization or customer’s organization. Further It can
be used to run the process in the proper manners.


There are seven


Develop project charter

Develop project management plan

Direct and manage project work

Manage project knowledge

Monitor and control project work

Perform integrated change control

Close project or phase







Develop project


In this we studied about the preparation of the documents
which is necessary for the project also fulfill the needs of initial documents.
It is beneficial for the project because with the help of these documents we
can start a well-planned project and it also tells the duration of the project. In thisproject manager needs to
follow the planned method. And the owner of the project should be capable for
the funding and he can make a charter by their own and may give the
responsibility to the project manager.

In this we also use the facilitation techniques which
increase the strength of project and decrease the upcoming problems. There are
some example of this technique:


In this groups of people sit
together and everyone gives their own view on the topic they are discussing

Conflict resolution

In this the member of meeting
argue each other on the problem they are taking about and find the best way to
resolve the issue


The output comes from project charter are:

Documents are needed for the for the record of
the project and designed as per customer’s needs

Only the sponsor has authority to launch the
project charter











Develop project management plan



In this I learned about how I can control and monitor the
project. It is developed to collect the basic information of the project. And
sometime the process progressively collaborated because the time duration of
project is long but the information about the project is less then they need to
update the new data that should be approved by perform integrated change
control process.

Any change in project after the approval of project can be
done through the PICC process

The main difference between project management plan and
project document is that project

 Management plan only
can be changed through PICC process once it was approved. On the other side
project document can be change by project manager




Direct and manage
project work


In this we collect the data is required for work performance
and deliverable are produced in project. Also manage the stakeholder as per
their needs




Monitor and control



In this we analysis all the data in context which is
suitable for the project. Also learned how to control the whole project.
Everything should be done through the planned process.






Perform integrated
change control



If there is any change requirement in approved project that
can only be done by change control board CCB through the PICC process. If the
change is approved by CCB then only it can be use in project. And project
manager needs to update the change in records. Project manager can take a
decision if the change has impact of not more than two weeks.







Close project or


At the last project manager check all the previous data to
ensure that all work is completed. And project manager should give an advance
notice to the worker before completion of the project so that they can find the new job somewhere else.

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