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Covenant is an obligation or agreement between 2 subjects such a state and their representatives or kings and their subjects. An early idea of the word is that it was a bond on life-fellowship. In the bible, divine covenants is referred as a promise between God and men. God made covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David It can also be distinguished as a contract based on agreements between 2 parties that involved an exchangement of properties. There were many human covenants in the bible that were sacred bonds that couldn’t be violated. Covenant comes from hebrew “berith” or assyrian “biritu” meaning binding or fetter, binds the two together.  Ecclesiology is the study of the nature and mission of the church. The word comes from the greek word ekklesia which translates to the latin word ecclesia meaning gathering or assembly. In early ecclesiological history, one of the first issues was the status of the gentile believers. The first followers of Jesus were called Jews. Once Gentiles started joining the church, the question of whether they need to change their religion to Jewish emerged. Other issues that ecclesiology addressed included the authority of the  bishop of Rome over other bishops, the role of the church in the world, whether salvation possible outside of the church, relationship between church and state, and many more. One of the biggest problems Ecclesiology had to endure was the division of church during the protestant reformations which challenged the traditions of the the church. During this time, the protestant churches denied the episcopal model in ecclesiology. The reformation opened a door for many people to experiment and form new religions and traditions. Since this time, more than 600 denominations of christianity has formed, many of these with distinguishable  ecclesiological characteristics.Christology is a part of theology that narrows in on the study of Jesus Christ. It focuses on Christ himself and his works. It concerns with all of his work such as the Incarnation, Resurrection, and his human and divine qualities. The New Testament tells us able the earliest followers of Jesus and how they were convinced by God. The sources of Christology come from the New Testament, the creeds, and from other theologians. Christology has played a crucial role in the formulation of the creeds. Early Christological reflections originated in the eastern mediterranean, where they used the greek and concepts of classical antiquity. Theologians used appropriated the classical concepts to explain the meaning of christian assertions. In the early history, the four gospels present Jesus as the revelation of God to his people. The revelation composed of his teachings and his role. He was seen as a savior and a teacher. Many christological reflections focused on the names or titles that were given to Jesus. The main ones used in the Gospel were Son of Man, Son of God, and Messiah. Some controversies in Christology included difference between it and Trinitarian theology and how the divine nature of jesus was related to his humanity which brought Christology and Trinitarian together.Eschatology is a branch of theology that deals with death and the last things or end times. The term comes from the greek terms escato and lovgo translated to “last,end, or final” and “study of”. Eschatology includes both personal issues like death and intermediate state along with general focused themes. The events in eschatology includes the return of christ, resurrection, judgement, the eternal state and many others. In the bible, physical death is the separation of the soul/spirit from the body. The body without the spirit is dead. Death in the bible does not just mean physical death, It can also mean the spiritual state of people born. According to Paul the apostle, spiritually dead is a sin until we become alive with christ. In being spiritually dead, we consist with works with death, darkness, and ignorance of God.Gnosticism is a religious and philosophical movement. The term comes from the greek word gnosis meaning knowledge. This term was used for religious speculation. Gnostics were people who question God’s salvation. Historians tried to discovered whether Christian teachers have used Gnostic teachings. This group believed that evil was the creation of a lesser god. They believed in Monah who is the one supreme being and Demiurge who is a lesser, inferior deity.  One of the main beliefs was that humans are spirits that are trapped in the physical world. A lot of these teachings were a secret among other people. It was considered a cult and scholars believed that it was a troubling heresy. Homoousios is a christian doctrine that persists to affirm that God the Father and God the Son are the same substance and essence of divinity. The term first came up during the first ecumenical council to resolve the confusion between the persons of the trinity. Homoousios is used in the Nicene Creed to affirm that Jesus and the father are the same. This was used to settle the confusion or controversy. The word come from greek where “homo” means same and “ousia” means essence.

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