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Creating a paid blog article on UPS delivery service as being far superior to FedEx in an effort to convince and sway the audience preferences and opinions.Rationale:The following written task is directly linked and presents the “Language in mass media,” as studied in the Language and Literature course. This written task examines the method of terminology, sentence structure, and word choice to distinguish the forms of communication used. The article compares United Parcel Service, or UPS as it’s commonly known, which is an American multinational package shipping company and a provider of supply chain management solutions, to a well-known company, FedEx. FedEx also being an American multinational courier delivery service, effectively making the two businesses, rivals.The written task examines the composition and structure of a blog article through the perspective of a biased author who is being compensated for his work. The blogger is a common folk whose occupation is a freelancer, which is a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed or invests his/her time for long-term, taking up requests to compose articles of all sorts for different services. The author is approached by UPS to compose an article favouring UPS as a better service for business individuals and civilians alike, furthermore, to advice against considering FedEx as an option when thinking about package delivery. The overall appeal of this specific blog article is to gratify UPS by any means possible with a title of such, “UPS, Express Service in a Blink of an Eye!”The purpose of this particular blog article is to appeal to a certain audience, offering a knowledgeable background with a relaxed opinion, followed by appealing facts in order to please the audience and maintain a professional model, aimed towards business professionals and important individuals seeking a stable, fast, safe, and recognizable service.Word Count: 275Task 1:UPS, Express Service in a Blink of an Eye!Movies always make deliveries seem so easy, whether its packages hand-delivered unscathed or parcels zipping from one side of the world to your home in seconds. However, things in the real world are different. Because of the increased stability and accessibility to digital mailing services such as Gmail and Yahoo, parcel delivery services had to rethink their methodology and availability while at the same time, modifying their pricing for their splendid services with extended customer care. Due to these factors, availability of multiple businesses with different solutions began to decline with customers seeing a shift in the process firsthand, leaving only a handful of the major business models such as UPS or United Parcel Service, FedEx, and the U.S Postal Service left as major competitors and reliable shipping services.Although there are many small startups for mailing services trying to join the arduous race, it all comes down to the two biggest competitors in a two horse race, United Parcel Service and FedEx. For example, in 2013, a general inspector noted that 98% of all federal agencies deliveries were carried out by UPS and FedEx combined, of course, UPS taking the lead. Albeit, the U.S Postal Service delivers government correspondences curtsied at a reduced rate, the U.S Postal Service still only managed to nab the meagre 2% of deliveries. Though the USPS lacks the large-scale presence of the two bigger companies, they still lack the express delivery guarantees. Goes to show the market sales dominance of UPS and FedEx.Every type of business, be it big or small or international or local relies on a form of shipping service. Offering the right service proves the reliability and proper care of the company. Customers look for the best possible shipping service that can deliver their package fast and safe. However, when It comes to deciding, researching about the two most popular shipping services yields no proper answers. Over the years, both companies, fighting neck to neck to remain on the top, have come to an accord offering nearly indistinguishable services from package sizes to prices. Yet, a closer look says otherwise.Many services recommend UPS as a better business partner. When it comes to international deliveries, UPS conquerors it monopolizing the world as a colossus, operating in over 220 countries around the globe. Utilizing their assets, they deliver over 18 million packages to over 10 million customers internationally every day! Not only this, but UPS also thinks long-term, UPS has proven to be far better at expanding its presence all across the world, whereas FedEx has focused more on achieving economies of scale domestically, and it doesn’t stop there. UPS offers better competitive rates, priority and express package delivery, and an extended range of standard or expedited shipping options to choose from. With that being said, although FedEx has the upper hand in higher stock shares, UPS clocks in over 10 billion dollars more in revenue with larger market shares in Europe. Judging from these statistics, clearly, UPS has the upper hand.Now enough of all those numbers and statistics, what about customer loyalty and delivery services? Well, you won’t be sad to hear that UPS got you covered! With its vast ground shipping and parcel delivery network, UPS tops the industry with a record of on-time delivery, offering standard ground deliveries to overnight critical deliveries. In addition, UPS offers numerous service centres and stores boasting 63,000 locations all across the globe. If you can’t get to UPS, UPS will come to you. Comparative to UPS, FedEx seems like a knock-off version of UPS or a total wanna-be, with a fraction of the locations and poor shipping timings. Given this, companies all across the world rely on UPS for their main source of delivery with large-scale companies backing them such as Amazon. Because of this, UPS seems to be the only smart choice when looking for a carting solution.This though is ignoring the multiple accounts of lost packages and crashed trucks which FedEx seems to specialize in. Over the past years, we have seen more late and lost packages from FedEx then proper on-time deliveries. We’re happy to say otherwise for UPS though. Considering multiple options, ground deliveries are UPS’s forte with next day, 2-day, or 3-day deliveries. And all while considering affordable and valued pricing which can actually deliver to its account. To make sure of this, UPS relies on a discrete and distinctive method of structuring their operations. United Parcel Services manages all their deliveries which include, ground, air, domestic, international, residential, and commercial deliveries through a simple single pickup and delivery network. This methodology allowed UPS to gain ambitious strengths all while expanding and expediting their efficiency and maximizing the usage of their extensive and substantial assets.Overall, UPS seems to be a clear winner with outstanding delivery methods at affordable prices and reliability for on-time deliveries. It’s affordable, convenient, and offers door to door shipments. Although it cannot provide you with delivery services of packages zipping across the world, it’s the best you can find in the market and the smartest choice when deciding to contract a shipping service for your business or sending your favourite mug to your loved ones. Both UPS and FedEx are all good in terms of their own forte, both significantly better than the U.S Postal Service. But whatever your prefered choice of carrier is, we believe that UPS is the definitive champion when it comes to carrier services.Word Count: 922

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