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Critical Thinking Questions
Critical Thinking Questions
American Cancer Society Education and Support
The American Cancer Society provides emotional support, information support by providing education services to cancer patients, and any other support that may be needed by cancer patients on daily patients (The American Cancer Society, 2018). Cancer patients are able to access important information through the American Cancer Society Information Centre where the cancer patients are able to access important guidelines and information related to their condition 24 hours (The American Cancer Society, 2018). This is achieved through a live chat and direct calls to a support team of the ACS. The support team constitutes cancer specialists who have been specially trained on cancer issues. Information provided includes helping patients in managing some of the side effects of the treatment methods, making treatment decisions, and any other information, which is helpful in managing cancer and other complications, associated with cancer (The American Cancer Society, 2018).
The American Cancer Society also has publications aimed at educating cancer patients, which include magazines, professional journals, and brochures. Through these education materials, patients are able to gain knowledge on the different types of cancer, how to manage them, and prevention measures which the patients can implement to prevent the development of certain types of cancer (American Cancer Society, 2018). Services that the ACS can be able to provide to cancer patients include an effective and efficient process to help patients in accessing medical services and avoid the huge delays in accessing medical services. The recovery process is also a complex process, which the ACS can help cancer patients in overcoming by providing the required support to the patients (American Cancer Society, 2018).

Factors That Contribute To the Yearly Incidence and Mortality Rates of Various Cancers
Factors that contribute to the yearly incidence and mortality rates of various cancers in Americans include the increase in the usage of chemicals in food production and environmental sustenance (Jemal, 2014). Due to the depletion in the natural resources used in food production, researchers are now developing certain types of chemicals and substances to aid in food production and sustaining the climate and soil to enable an adequate food production to sustain the rising population (Jemal, 2014). A large percentage of the cancer cases are directly connected to dietary factors, which include prostate, and colon cancer. Due to the inadequate control measures of these substances and chemicals, their effects result in increased cancer cases. An increased life expectancy is also a major contributor to the development of most cancer cases due to the weakening immune system associated with old age (Jemal, 2014).
This increases the risk of developing certain health conditions, which include cancer. Changes in policy and practice, which can affect the high figures, include having strong prevention policies, which will reduce the cancer cases developing in each year (Jemal, 2014). Some of the policies include early detection to help in preventing cancer and addressing cancer at an early stage, which can be easier, managed (Jemal, 2014). Some of the prevention policies include an increased medical coverage by Medicaid plans, which will enable individuals to access medical services, which may include cancer screening, and vaccines, which are important in preventing certain types of cancers, which may include cervical cancer (Jemal, 2014).
A Research Program Funded By the American Cancer Society
One of the research programs funded by the American Cancer Society is the epidemiology research program (American Cancer Society, 2018). This research program is aimed at reducing the cancer burden by conducting cancer studies aimed at increasing the knowledge about the different aspects of cancer (American Cancer Society, 2018). This information is important in cancer prevention, implementing cancer control programs, and implementing healthcare policies, which can be used to help address the issue of cancer in the United States. This program focuses on the causes of cancer and the association between certain behaviors and different types of cancers (American Cancer Society, 2018).
This program has been in existence for over 60 years since its implementation and has provided important information on cancer, which has largely contributed in saving the lives of patients suffering from cancer (American Cancer Society, 2018). This program has also been useful in preventing the development of cancer in the United States with over 700 articles been published addressing the issue of cancer. Some of the information released to the public includes the relationship between certain factors, which include obesity, certain behaviors, and pollution, and the development of cancer and other health issues (American Cancer Society, 2018).
American Cancer Society. (2018). The American Cancer Society’s oncology in practice: Clinical management. Hoboken, NJ Wiley Blackwell.

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