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     Critics like Judith Fetterley and Stephen Hartnett have analyzed ”The
Birthmark’ Judith Fetterley analyzed the short story through her book ” The
Resistant Reader”. she showed the misogyny in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s lead
character, Aylmer. Fetterley believes the story points out its pervasive sexism
in our culture (22).  On the other hand,
Hartnett, Stephen wrote “‘It Is Terrible to Possess Such Power!’: The Critique
of Phrenology, Class, and Gender in Hawthorne’s ‘The Birth-Mark’.”‘  and states that ” The birthmark provides an
excellent opportunity for reconsidering the cultural politics of his turn
towards science.” (175). Both critics have analyzed the short story through the
marital and political views of the short story but ultimately their critics are
far from similar.  

      Fetterley, emphasizes her critic on saying
that ” The Birthmark demonstrates the facts that the idealization of women has
its source in a profound hostility towards women. ” (24) Hawthorne describes Georgiana’s
beauty in an almost godly manner. Hawthorne states that the birthmark is a
metaphor for Georgiana’s identity, her sexuality, and mortality, yet Aylmer
knows that in removing the mark, he removes all there is of his wife. Aylmer`s
compulsion to perfect Georgiana is a result of his horrified perception of what
she is… (Fertterley 24)  Although  Hawthorne spends a large amount of time
creating the importance of Georgina’s birthmark. He calls her birthmark the
colors ” Crimson ” and  ” ruby red” .

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Hawthorne Intentionally says that ” if she had been less beautiful, Envy´s
self could have found aught else to sneer at…(THE BIRTHMARK. 49.) Georgiana
is being held to an incredible gender stereotypical expectation which can
easily be defined as a man lording power and control over a woman. This level
of expectation is a heyday for feminist .


Stephen Hartnett analyzes ” The
Birthmark” completely differently,  

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