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Dana Gas is the first private sector natural gas company of Middle East. It emerged in December 2005 when it was publicly listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The company deals with exploring, producing, processing, and distributing the natural and liquefied natural gas. The company also has its presence globally specifically in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, and UK. Dana gas acquired Centurion Energy in 2007 and expanded its operations.
Even the least complex use of innovation can significantly enhance your business’ profitability and proficiently. The customer relationship can be managed through different information system software, which would save the time and costs of the company. Using the technology in a business usually cut the costs of budget of a company by 30 to 40 percent. Information system would save a lot of time. Large companies require a system that would save time and money both. Good management software keeps the track of their employees’ tasks and their information too.

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