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Dark Matter and The Woman in Black have many things in common but one of the main points is the scenery in both locations. Both places are uninhabited at the time of character arriving but there are still obvious pointers towards there being life in this place, but it has been scared off or died. For example, the mining ruins in Gruhuken and the demolished chapel in the woman in Black. These are both omens of evil or doom that loom over this area.

Both characters in these books seem to be dazzled by the sheer beauty of this place and are oblivious to the danger of the place. “My head reeled at the sheer beauty,” and “For a moment or two, I simply sat looking about in amazement…”. This shows just how astounded the character the reader in both books is more aware than the main character, this almost makes the reader feel for the innocents of the character.

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Both characters are isolated, for example in Dark Matter Jack at the end was cut off from all communication with his wireless going down, this leaves the character alone and isolated with this “being”. In the Woman in Black, he cut off by the tide coming in.

When the character in the Woman in Black first sees the ghost, he is astonished and frightened that such a tranquil place would have something so evil hidden inside the outer layer. After this sighting, the characters start to become aware of the evil and danger in this place under its sugar-coated appearance. The same thing happened in Dark Matter at first jack finds it amazing until he sees the figure for himself and realises the true danger of this place.

In both books, there are prompts of danger and harsh language to slice open the pure beauty of the landscape. For example, all the prompts to metal in the Woman in Black is almost foreshadowing to something terrible to come “…the water gleamed like metal…” These quotes are taking something that is usually quite normal and harmless into something of insecurity and peril and shows just how unstable and hazardous this landscape is. 

There are also many references to a snake by using sibilance on the sounds around the character such as “…we went on almost in silence save for a hissing, silky sort of sound.” And “The wind that came suddenly snaking off the estuary was cold.”. This is also an example of pathetic fallacy and personification because of the word “snaking”.

 The daylight reflects on the mood of the story, for example in Dark Matter as soon as it is the “First Dark” Jack happens to see the ghost. In both novels, everything related to the ghost happens at night or at dusk, especially in the Woman in Black as the light is described as dying which is emphasised in this quote, “…which shot arrows of fire and blood-red streaks across the water.” In both books the light is almost is a dying hope. 

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