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At the middle of night, a dead body of a teen was found in the local park beside the fountain in a big puddle of blood surrounding him. According to the victim’s best friend “Randy Adderson”, the crime was committed at around 2:38 AM by a member of the Greasers called Johnny Cade (16 yrs old) who was also accompanied by Ponyboy Curtis (14 yrs old). He described the murderer as an average height teen with long jet black hair and scars all over his face along with black eyes which look very suspicious like the ones of a man who wants to run away. The police arrived after one of the neighbours saw two young boys passing by his driveway. He said “I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, when suddenly I heard a scream, so I peaked in my curtain to see two youngsters running out of the park and passing by my house in a rush”. The police has found out that the name of the victim is “Bob Sheldon” and that he was stabbed which caused his demise. Further information has been reported that he was an 18 year old senior who was attending the Oklahoma High School. Randy Adderson wanted to provide information on his friendship with him by saying: “Bob was my friend from the start of high school, he always liked hanging out with his friends and was a very handsome man who was intelligent”. This tragic event has made many of his classmates feel heartbroken and miss him dearly. His funeral will be held after the authorities have completed the analysis of the deceased body. Bob’s family are now in deep sober. The authorities say the two boys will be taken to court and their demise will be decided when taken into custody. Detectives and undercover search parties are now locating Ponyboy and Johnny, but have not found them yet. Where are they now. What are they planning next. Is Tulsa, Oklahoma safe with them free. We will inform you when more information is acquired so stay tuned with us. 

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