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Definitions of Tourism

WTO Definition

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“Tourism is the
temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of
work and residence, the activities undertaken during their staying those
destinations and the facilities created to cater for their needs”.

Literature Reviews 

Dr.Mohan Lal Agrawal -This study focus on building relationship with
customer is among the modern day priorities for marketers – be of manufactured
goods or of services. Even an altruistic interest as eco-tourism mandates their
marketers to build relationships with the target customers or eco-tourists.
Ecotourism in our dispensation refers to the responsible travel to the natural
areas that creates deeper experiencing, conserves local environment and,
contributes to the well-being of the local in habitants. Notwithstanding a natural
attraction of ecotourism as a product, the tourism marketers need to work on
plans and processes that facilitate enduring relationships with them. An
enduring relationship with customer is one that motivates them to return to the
ecotourism marketers for an encore, and motivates them to engage into a
credible word of mouth emotion to the eco-tourists in waiting. India is among
the key ecotourism destinations, the paper surveys the position of the
ecotourism in the overall tourism scenario, articulates the spectrum of
conceptualizing ecotourism and finally offers six motivations which can be
forge a relationship with the existing and potential eco-tourists.


Professor Lindsay W. Turner -This paper attempts to examine the Oman tourism
potential in the perspective of other developments worldwide.  The assumption is made that Oman is closer
regionally in terms of cultural identity and social structures to the broad
Asia Pacific world region.  In examining
the countries of Asia Pacific similarities can be identified with several other
markets.  The conclusion is that for the
development of demand for foreign international tourism, it is useful to place
the Oman market into a world perspective, and from this position to identify
future market size, sustainability and marketing.


Fuchs & K. Weiermair-In this paper, the attempt is made to illustrate
the sensitivity of tourist satisfaction measures based on data developed in a
“Destinometer” programme (i.e. satisfaction benchmarking with
destinations) using alternative methods or methodologies. This article is based
on a recently concluded study on instruments used in monitoring the tourism
market. A reporting system was set up using a panel in which businesses in
branches of economic activity of relevance to tourism can participate. These
businesses report some key indicators are analysed in each month and can, in
return, compare their results anonymously with the average for the
corresponding branch. Their data are then used to make projections. In the test
phase, monthly physical and monetary indicators were calculated for
accommodation, restaurants or catering, transport and sport or culture or
entertainment. It was proved that a voluntary reporting system can work and
provide a positive cost-benefit ratio for participants. The stock of tourist
data can be supplemented and made easily accessible. However, difficulties
remain in the holiday home sector. Moreover, the results are approximate
projections and not exact, full-scale surveys


Jennifer A. Seif- In this study author pointed out Tourism is a
growth industry in South Africa with the potential to create jobs and wealth in
disadvantaged communities who are custodians of bio- and cultural
diversity.  In South Africa, the public,
private and community sectors have invested considerable time, money and effort
in the design, implementation and management of community-based
enterprises.  Although their objectives
are sound, such initiatives tend not to pay adequate attention to market access
which, along with natural and cultural resource management, is ultimately the
key to sustainable tourism.”Fair Trade in Tourism” is a market intervention
that draws upon the global Fair Trade movement, to create a useful model for
maximising the benefits of tourism and trade for local communities and
population groups.  The paper analyses
the South African and international contexts / markets, to identify six
opportunities for the establishment of Fair Trade in Tourism in South Africa.    The paper then discusses the main activities
of the Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa paying particular attention to the
importance of the FTTSA trademark.  By
way of conclusion, the paper  position
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa as a relevant, innovative and market-driven
approach to sustainable tourism growth and socio-economic redistribution in
South Africa. 


Dov Kolani and Ovadia Kedmi -Conclusion of this study explains, Tourism
development plans are expected to be backed by law and to be protected by the
courts. In Israel the courts of law have lived up to these expectations.


Aparna Raj
– This report identifies there has been a change in the demand and supply of
human resources for the travel industry, with the demand how being for more
specialized personal.  The fact is that
teaching institutes in south Asian Countries are of a recent origin.  This paper studies the human resource for
tourism sector and suggests ways and means for attracting and retaining
employees in the travel industry.


Libison.K.B. and Muraleedharan- This study concludes the growth of pilgrimage
tourism in India has been astonishingly impressive. India is blessed with
plenty of well-known religious destinations. Pilgrimages to these destinations
bring enormous economic gains to local residents. The number of pilgrims
visiting famous Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala is
almost equal to the population of Kerala state. This study attempts to
investigate how Sabarimala pilgrimage helps in giving manifold economic
benefits to local residents of Pandalam rural area. The study is designed as
empirical one based on survey method. Six wards of Pandalam Grama Panchayath
have been identified as places where high level of economic activity is taking
place during pilgrimage season. The study reveals the high positive effects of
pilgrimage season on income, employment and standard of living of local
residents in Pandalam rural locality.


Dr. M. Sarngadharan and Dr. V.S. Sunanda– This study evaluate the quality of service coupled
with comparatively low charges for common surgeries has made India an
attractive destination for medical value travel. The main clientele comes from
the neighboring countries but an increasing number of non-resident Indians
(NRIs) settled in the US and the UK have also been availing of the healthcare
services in India. There is a good prospect of patients coming from the Middle
East in future. The competitiveness of India in health tourism is enhanced by
the attractiveness of the alternative systems of medicine, Ayurveda in
particular, for the foreign tourists. A large number of tourists, both domestic
and foreign, undergo treatment under Ayurveda not only for improving their
fitness and well-being but also for curing many types of chronic diseases. The
unique position that Kerala enjoys with respect to Ayurveda is due to the fact
that the treatment in the State has proved effective in dealing with certain
diseases, which are incurable by other systems. 
The State is also well endowed with herbs and medicinal plants, which are
used for treatment. With yoga, meditation, ayurveda, allopathy and natural
herbal treatments, India offers a unique basket of services to foreign
patient-tourists that are difficult to match by other countries. The recent
operations of children from Pakistan in Bangalore have not only helped boost
the medical economy in the state, but also helped in fostering goodwill, peace
and harmony between India and Pakistan. The present work deals with the
successful efforts in marketing health tourism products internationally,
possessing glorious traditions of India.


Amith sharma, and Kamal K Mishra-This paper explores the relationships between
tourism service quality and the tourist budget at different involvement levels.
This research is aiming to investigate how Tourist budget contribute to the
quality of tourism services of Rajasthan and also to provide a vivid
description of the quantified view of tourism service quality. This research is
based on the Tourism Industry of Rajasthan more specifically to the region of
Jaipur-Pushkar circuit. This study aims to visualize the tourist budget that
can assess the current service quality level of Rajasthan Tourism.


Amithab Vikram D and Adithi D -The authors of this paper took part in the design
of a non-verbal language teaching material for the training of tourism
professionals in India. In this material, special importance is given to the
building up of an intercultural competence through raising body language
awareness, based on the principle of a direct link between conceptual and
behavioral change. The first part gives the graphical and the statistical
representation of foreign tourists in India. The second part of the paper is
based on the recognition of globally accepted body language importance and its
practical implications. The final part focuses on the results of observation of
the actual practices while interacting with tourists. The analysis recommends
raising non-verbal language methodology to promote efficient behavioral change
in terms of intercultural adaptation, and to accelerate the quality performance
in tourism department.

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