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Demi Moore “The thing is most people are afraid to step out, too take a chance beyond their established identity.” Throughout the years, Demi Moore, an actress, has experienced good and bad events. In spite of this, Moore has supported many charities and humanitarian causes. She sponsors a foundation to raise awareness, and hopefully, eliminate child sex trafficking. Demetria Guynes, better known as Demi Moore, is an American Actress, former songwriter, and a model. Demi Moore was born on November 11,1962 in Roswell, New Mexico. Moore’s parents Virginia King and Charles Harmon split up before Demi was born. Danny Guynes, Demi’s stepfather didn’t offer much stability to her life. He changed jobs plenty of times and the family had to move more than thirty times. Her mother had a long record of arrests for crimes including drunk driving and arson. Throughout her childhood, Demi’s parents drank and argued. Her stepfather committed a suicide by inhaling Carbon Monoxide. Demi ended up moving to Los Angeles. In 1997 her mother  was diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately Virginia King passed away in July 1998.   At the age of 16 Moore dropped out of Highschool for an acting career. After divorcing Freddy Moore, she married Bruce Willis. In 1996, she announced her separation with Bruce Willis after more than 10 years of marriage. In January 2012, Moore seemed to be experiencing a personal crisis. She was taken to Los Angeles Hospital early in the year after suffering a seizure from inhaling nitrous oxide, Moore soon resumed working after recovering.  In 2012 she sponsored a foundation to raise awareness and eliminate child sex slavery worldwide. Moore and Ashton Kutcher her ex-husband established a charity called DNA. Moore is now working alone on this charity. Demi Moore has experienced many problems but she has learned too overcame them. She has been working hard to make her chairy become successful. Demi Moore, a strong woman, has inspired many and made the world a better place for

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