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Sir Asjad Saleem

Professor SED Uet Taxila








December 19,2017



Chapter 1. 4
Introduction.. 4
1.1.       Project Goals. 4
1.2.       Aims & Objectives. 5
1.3.       Deliverables. 5
2. 6
Literature Review.. 6
2.1. Literature Survey. 6
2.1.1. Existing
Systems. 6 Student
automatic attendance system 2. 7 University
Management System 3. 7 eSolution – School Management Software 4. 7
2.1.2. Proposed system… 7 Automated
Attendance on thumb verification.. 7 Notification
Alerts. 7 Control at
chairman doorstep.. 8 Automation.. 8 Data storage. 8
2.2.  Marketing Survey 5. 9
2.2.1         Industry
description and outlook. 9
2.2.2.       Target
Market. 9
2.2.3.       Competitive
Analysis. 9
2.2.4.       projections. 10
Proposed Solution.. 10
3.1    Methodology. 10
3.1.1         Development Steps. 10
3.1.2         Development
tools. 11 Visual studio.. 11 Android
Studio.. 11
3.2        Project Timeline 9. 12
Experimental / Simulation Setup.. 14
Details of Work Packages Completed/ Milestones Achieved.. 14
Evaluation parameters. 14
4. 16
Plan.. 16
4.1.     Utilization (End Users/ Beneficiaries). 16
4.1.1. Chairman.. 16
4.1.2. Teachers. 16
4.1.3. Students. 16
 Detailed Work Plan.. 16
4.3.    Budget Requirements. 17
4.4.     Market Forecasting.. 17
5. 18
Conclusion.. 18
References. 18

















Chapter 1




At the
moment, Department is having manual system for Attendance and different office
engagements of chairman office. Reports are generated manually for attendance
of faculty and students. It is difficult to analyze manual reports.

project emphasizes on automation of old manual system. It will be based on a
LAN Network within the Department. It will have a Portal, a powerful database
and a Smartphone application. Marking attendance on the basis of RFID. The
Portal will automatically generate daily attendance reports, Suggestions by
faculty and meeting schedules.

In the
end. We will have an automated portal based on RFID as a device to Mark
attendance of entering student and faculty members. This Portal will help to
create time table and check whether the classes are held at time or not whether
the attendance is satisfactory or not, Automatic Reports on the go.
Interviewing and meeting with the faculty members with a click.



1.1.      Project Goals

Department Automation System
automates the officials (Chairman, Teachers) activities. It is replacement of
old manual system. It will be based on a LAN Network within the Department. It
will have a Portal, a powerful database and a Smartphone application. Marking
attendance on the basis of RFID. The Portal will automatically generate daily
attendance reports, Suggestions by faculty and meeting schedules. Accuracy will
be achieved in student’s attendance by avoiding proxies in manual system. Over
all control will be in chairman office and less privileged users will get
control according to their rank (students, teachers). Students will just see
their attendance and notifications received by chairman and teachers. By using
android app, chairman of department can control/see department activities at
his/her door step.


1.2.      Aims & Objectives

Our overall goal is to
automate the department. To get our goal done, we need to achieve objectives.
These objectives include giving control of the department in hands of chairman,
marking attendance on the basis of thumb verification using RFID device,
automatic report generation of daily activities including attendance reports
and class reports. A portal will be designed having a strong database and a
Smartphone application which will give control in the hands of chairman.
Marking attendance on the basis of RFID. The Portal will automatically generate
daily attendance reports, Suggestions by faculty and meeting schedules.
Accuracy will be achieved in student’s attendance by avoiding proxies in manual
system. Students will only be able to check their attendance and notifications
received by teachers. By using android app, chairman of department can
control/see department activities at his/her door step.


1.3.      Deliverables

Web Based application
using ASP.NET.

Attendance of students
will be achieved using RFID and control will be given according to user post (chairman
over all control, Professors less privileges)

An android application

2.1. The user will login by using this app and will see their
attendance status, notifications received by chairman.

2.2. If user will not be logged in and chairman or teacher send
notifications, he/she will get a text message on his/her cell phone.

2.3. Least privileges users (students) will just see their
attendance record and notifications by faculty members.

Website (cloud) that will
store all of the user activities (Students attendance, Task assigned by
chairman, Tasks progress (approved, pending, in progress).


User Manual.











Chapter 2


Literature Review


This chapter includes the
critical analysis of existing systems and proposed system. It also includes
market analysis of our system.


2.1. Literature Survey

the process of system development, literature review was conducted to understand
the theory, method used and technologies associated with systems already
developed. Background research and studies was conducted to understand the
system requirements before system was developed. Department automation system
is automation of department’s official’s activities including student’
attendance using RFID.

Most educational institution’s administrators are concerned about student
irregular attendance, which may affect the student overall academic performance
and finally it affects the growth of students in education. The conventional
method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time
consuming and even insecure because there is possibility of proxy attendance.
Therefore, web-based student attendance management system is required to assist
the faculty and the lecturer for the time-consuming process. For this purpose,
fingerprint based student’s attendance management system using RFID is a much
convenient method to take the attendance. Student is provided with the RFID
tags. When student comes near to the reader, it will sense the respective
student and update attendance. The whole process is controlled using the

use of Radio-frequency identification (RFID) in electronic environment is
widely researched for tracking objects by various organizations. It is a
technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag 1


2.1.1. Existing Systems

per our survey, there exists systems which give features like automatic
attendance and report generation in Pakistan. But there is no such system which
gives all the functionalities at once, like giving control to chairman etc.

applications which provide features of proposed system are described below: Student automatic
attendance system 2

Biometric (Finger/Thumb as well as RFID card) based
Automatic Student Attendance System.

Parents get instant notification as soon as their
children enter the school.

School authority decide which medium should be utilized
Finger/Thumb or RFID card.

Children mark their attendance accordingly. University
Management System 3

Cyber vision provides a complete Enterprise solution for the
University Management that will automate and simplify all the operational
requirements of a university.

Our University Management Information System provides a
complete set of tools and applications that let you plan, execute, and analyze
at both strategic and tactical levels as well as administering all university
procedure as a mechanized system. eSolution
– School Management Software 4

A multipurpose system used by education institutions for
administration and management related activities.

The all-in-one software to manage schools and colleges
eSolution is a complete student information system in cloud.

User friendly School ERP for the next generation of
education institutions sets a new standard in the education industry with its
unmatched combination of flexibility, usability and affordability.


2.1.2. Proposed system

proposed system comprises of following features Automated Attendance on thumb

system mark the attendance of students as well as of teachers on the basis of
thumb verification. As attendance is marked, notification is sent to the
respective controlling personnel.
Notification Alerts

is sent to the chairman as soon as any report is generated, activity is
completed or attendance of a teacher is marked. Whenever teacher or chairman
leaves an update, students get notified on their mobile phones. This feature
made this system very efficient and unique one. Control at
chairman doorstep

chairman control daily activities of department at doorstep. Nothing is hidden
from chairman regarding reports generation and attendance of teachers and
students. Automation

mark attendance automatically. Teachers also mark attendance automatically and
chairman gets reports on a go. Almost everything within this system is
automatically done and controlled. Data storage

Any relevant data is stored on
cloud so that it can be retrieved whenever required. For example, attendance
record of a student can be checked at any time by anyone.






















Overall control


Data storage

Student automatic    attendance system 2






University Management System 3






– School Management Software 4






Proposed System








2.2.  Marketing Survey 5

The market survey of our
project is as follows:


2.2.1  Industry description and

we are living in advance era where technology has revolutionized our way of
life, our project is following the trend of the new era. As we know, mobile
industry has become one of major industries that is attracting customers
towards it, so we are developing according to this trending industry as our
project contains an android app. We are developing an application for mobile
which has great trend and business value as everyone prefers to use mobile
phones now-a-days. This project also has a web portal which can be utilized in
the absence of android app. The user who does not have mobile phone, can use
our system by web-portal which is integral part of this system.


2.2.2. Target Market

proposed project automates official activities of the department, so it is
applicable to all departments of this university at first place, and to other
universities later on. With little modifications, it can be applied to
organizations which are managed by a single office. This project can easily be
converted into university management system, and hence can be of great use for
all educational institutes around the country. Hence, educational institutions
are main target of this product.

2.2.3. Competitive Analysis

too many companies are working on ERP based systems. So, there is a lot of
competition in the market. As we have planned, this system will firstly be
applied to all departments of this university. After getting experience and
success, it will be promoted all across the country. According to online survey
conducted by our team, it is the unique project in its type. So we have
competitive advantage. All this project need for glory is success at first


2.2.4.  projections

share for our project will be quite big and can make great sells in the
starting years. We will approach some experience sales person to get some
immediate sales. We provide pricing and gross margin by giving free maintenance
for first 5 years to attract the customers.






Proposed Solution


The proposed methodology of
our project is as follows:


3.1    Methodology

section contains the steps of development as well as development tools that we
are going to use



3.1.1  Development

Firstly, a web portal will be
built, which gives login functionality to all the users of the proposed system.

Backend of the built
web-portal (frontend) design will be created.

In parallel to the development
of web-portal, frontend of android app will be designed.

After the android app and the
web-portal are ready, RFID device will be brought to the system.

RFID device will be connected
to the MySQL database by using Arduino interface.

A dataset of all the enrolled
students and teacher’s fingerprints will be created, on the basis of which
attendance is to be marked. This database is maintained in MySQL database.

Whenever anyone mark
attendance, their record will be searched in the database and attendance will
be marked. Relevant authority would be able to set the parameters like time
after which no attendance is marked etc.



3.1.2  Development tools

following tools will be used in development of the proposed system. Visual studio

proposed system is built .net framework, so visual studio is used for
development process with MySQL database.

It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as
well as web sites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. Visual Studio uses
Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms,
Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight



and graphical user interface (drag drop facility).

with other languages.

for Visual Studio: A common code base in C# for all devices.

online help functionality.

strong database support in the form of ADO.NET.


efficient to build large projects like ERP systems.

in terms of language support.
Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE for developing for the Android
platform. Android Studio is freely available under the Apache License 2.0. 6 Based on JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA
software, Android Studio is designed specifically for Android development.


Gradle-based build

refactoring and quick fixes. 7

Lint tools to catch
performance, usability, version compatibility and other problems. ProGuard

Template-based wizards to
create common Android designs and components.

A rich layout editor that
allows users to drag-and-drop UI components, option to preview layouts on
multiple screen configurations.

Built-in support for
Google Cloud Platform, enabling integration with Google Cloud Messaging and App
Engine. 8







Timeline 9



3.3. Experimental / Simulation Setup

Department automation system will hold the test data like thumb
impressions and faculty and student’s data for comparison purpose and for
drawing conclusions. Android application will be used for testing attendance
and assigned status.

Details of Work Packages Completed/ Milestones Achieved


Requirement specification: This phase includes requirements gathering, study,
analysis, feasibility and validation.

Designing and development: This includes following work packages: design for android
app, web application and cloud storage, development of web application, android
app cloud storage, and integration.

Testing: Testing techniques like alpha, beta and system testing and
system deployment. This phase will take 20 days for completion.

Documentation: Includes
user guide and thesis and will be completed in 30 days.


Evaluation parameters


Since it’s an automation system, it is necessary for the
system to work efficiently and accurately. So, our system will be evaluated on
the basis of speed, security i.e. how fast it will give response to the user on
task assignment, marking attendance of multiple users at a time. Faculty and
student’s record’s privacy and security is main factor. So, our system will
also be evaluated on the basis of security.




























Chapter 4


Work Plan


We will follow the following work plan for our project.


4.1.     Utilization
(End Users/ Beneficiaries)

project was worth beneficial to its end users. It was totally aligned to every
stake holder’s ease. The project planned to fulfill all the requirements of
every end user. We have divided the stake holders into different users and
beneficiaries with the level of their designation and usage and tried to
fulfill everyone’s requirement and activities to be implemented fully. As this
project was focused on the roles of the end users so we also focused on the users
and stake holders and fulfilled the required output. The Following end users
were recognized and focused.



Chairman of SED was the main
stake holder of the project and he was the main user of the project. We covered
all the aspects of his requirements. We read the activities he used to manage
by manual system and analyzed the possible solutions. We made a web portal and
an android app that automated all the activities chairman have to do during
whole day.


Teachers were the second
important stake holders for this project. All the activities to be done by the
teachers were scheduled and managed in the system. When a teacher come to his
office his attendance will be marked using RFID and he will login to his portal
and see his daily scheduled classes and activated and task assigned by the
teachers and as well as he can submit his task reports attendance report to the


Students were found as the
ordinary stake holders of this project and they were less privileged users.
Student had no activity to do with the app but to check their attendance. We
fulfilled this requirement by using database privileges.



4.2.     Detailed Work Plan

The main and important thing in the project was
the database. This project required a lot of work on database so firstly we
decided to choose the best powerful database that can cover our all
requirements as our project needed lot of work on database privileges so we
chose SQL Server database.

After deciding the database tool, we needed to
choose the tool for web portal. We decided to go with the Visual studio 2017.

When it came to the Language used we chose

As today almost all the projects are made using
framework we also needed to use some framework that best suite our
requirements. So when we analyzed MVC was the Framework we could use.

After the development of database and
connection with the ASP. We needed to connect the Database to the android app,
for this we decided to use SOAP API to connect Android app to database and ASP

We used XML to design Android app interface and
used fragments to implement different database privileges.

We used Android studio tool to develop android
app for the portal.

After the Completion we done exploratory
testing of our project and Made a user manual for the end users but in
different versions depending upon the type of stake holders


4.3.    Budget Requirements

This project requires at least $200 for as follows:

We needed amount of 50$ for the license of
Visual studio.

As we used RFID for the attendance of teachers
and students so we needed 150$ to have it.

3$ were used to buy domain.


4.4.     Market Forecasting

If we sell 10 systems per year, and each for 25,000 RS then
total revenue at the end of the year will be:

25,000 x 10 = 250,000

And the reason for 25,000 cost is the budget requirement
given above. And also, the reason for 10 systems per year is because we will
provide 5-year maintenance for free which will attract the customers and also
the cost of purchase is not very high, any average person can easily afford
this system.







Chapter 5



Is jga pe conclusion likho font=arial




















 1. A. S. TIWARI





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