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Did you know that animals that we love in school and in our homes are being tortured and killed just for mainly human benefit?  About 26 million animals are being tested on each year in labs. This is cruel and wrong because there are other ways to find out this information than testing it on a living, breathing animals.  Also, most of the time it does not really give accurate answers to the questions that we were trying to solve. There are still more ways to find out info than to test it on animals.                 First of all most of the time that they get results from the testing it does not even come out correct. For example, in a video made by The Magic Collective on Vimeo it stated that “92% of drugs that pass animal testing later fail human trials.” (Source 5) For starters, this evidence shows out of all the drugs that we test on animals, using their lives and our money does not even work most of the time. Conclusively, why would this help us when most of the time it does not work on humans so all the animals are tortured on is wasted since many times nothing becomes of these test and in the end it does not help us. Clearly, it is a horrible decision  to continue something that barely ever works but for some reason people think that it is the best way to get results for ground breaking new discoveries in the medical world. Also some medical schools and colleges are beginning to use computer programs that simulate animal or even human testing but unfortunately not enough so animals continue to suffer.             I have found out there are more ways to have breakthroughs in science than to use animal testing. For example, there is human DNA or Stem Cells that we could use instead of using animals. This evidence shows, that even though there are other ways to get research most scientists don’t seem to be changing over or trying something new. In addition, money won’t even be put into these other areas of research because scientists think that animal testing is the only way to get research. WHEN IT IS NOT!!! Clearly, many people in the medical industry don’t want to take the time and try out all these other ways of finding research because it costs too much money for them.     Now some may say,  that animal testing is the best way to get info. For instance,  source #4 made by The National Association for Biochemical Research  stated that “We need animal testing because they are alive and the closest things to humans.However, this line of thinking is wrong. To begin with, there are closer things to humans to test on like human DNA. That is really the closest thing to testing on actual humans.  Furthermore, this is pretty much like saying that even though there are better ways to finding info for medical science we are just going to keep using the lives of animals because we can and that is just so wrong in so many ways. As you can see, animal testing is not the only and best way to get research.        In conclusion, animal testing is wrong and should be stopped and changed to something more effective. So now you know why animals need to be taken off the testing list and how they are getting tortured and killed just for medical breakthroughs which many times does not happen and scientists could better and more reliable information using a different method.

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