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Did you ever think that you could use cables as transportation? Well you can, and we do! People use cables to transport us with the invention called, the cable car. What is the cable car you might ask? Well, the cable car is an invention by Andrew Hallidie which revolutionized the transportation industry. It has some very interesting background stories, and many fun facts that go along with it as well. So sit back, and enjoy as I tell you all the information about the cable car.To begin, the inventor’s name of the cable car is Andrew Smith Hallidie (“Market Street”). He was born on March 16, 1836 in London, United Kingdom (Kahn). His reason for inventing the Cable Car system was for a very odd, but good reason. There was one day when he was young that he saw a horse carriage slide backwards and crush the horse that had slid behind it (Kahn-Market Street). He invented the cable car system for it to be able to climb the steep hills of San Francisco, and not to have any more accidents (“Car History”). He died on April 24, 1900, but he left the cable car behind him for us to use in our everyday life (Kahn).My invention is called the cable car. It was invented to be able to carry large amounts of cargo up the steep hills of San Francisco (“Market Street”). It was invented just from an idea, and a traumatic sight of an accident from a horse carriage slipping and sliding down a steep hill (Kahn). It was invented on August 2, 1873 (“Market Street”) Finally, as I have said before, it was invented in San Francisco.The cable car’s benefit to society has not changed much. It’s impact was to be able to carry cargo up steep hills (Kahn). Today, it is still used as normal day to day transportation that can get us from place to place pretty quickly (Kahn). However, it has changed it’s attributes on how it looks, and how it transports (“Car History”).  It can now be used to transport people to the top of mountain for skiing (“Market Street”). However, the traditional look of the cable car is still used today, which is similar to a small train (“Car History”).To conclude this passage, the cable car has revolutionized transportation industries. Andrew created this invention to benefit all of society, and It’s everlasting need of improvement. It started just as a sight of an accident, and has greatly been influenced over the years. It has grown into something much larger than just an idea, that is truly revolutionary.  It is the wonderful cable car!

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