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Did you
know that demonstrating compassionate care can affect a patient’s outcome in
the healthcare setting? Caring is a basic for the development of critical thinking. There’s
importance in not only taking care of your patient physically and meeting their
medical needs but in also showing empathy and compassion while providing that
care. As nurses we should not only aim to be knowledgeable and competent, but
also caring. While doing my research in “Caring for patients” I’ve come up with
three important reasons it is essential to care for your patient. Patient care
does not only apply to medically and emotionally but also, emotionally,
teaching/learning, and becoming an advocate for your patient.


currently work in the hospital and one of the most vital things is patient
satisfaction. We are a family centered care hospital. This is so important to
me because I believe the hospital is a place for the sick and we are there to
serve and care for people that are in need. As a Nurse, you need to develop a
selfless attitude. You must put your patient first and not take things
personal. In this field you deal with many patients that are not mentally and
emotionally stable. It is important you develop a nurse patient relationship so
that you gain the trust of the patient and help the patient maintain a positive
experience. For instance, patients that have no family, or patients that are
having a hard time dealing with the medical diagnoses they were just giving, and
even those patients that are just not able to care for themselves any longer
because they don’t have the strength to. It is vital to listen to these
patients because some of them may want to give up on their health, some of them
need someone to listen and reassure them that they are in good hands.

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Caring for
patients also tie in with the quality you provide the patient. The federal government,
commercial organizations (such as insurance companies), and private foundations
have all sought to reduce the increasing costs of care while hoping to maintain
satisfactory quality. (Leighton, 2011, p.201) It is our moral and ethical responsibility to strive
for excellence and as a nurse you want to make sure your patient is receiving
the quality care they deserve. In doing so it is important to also educate the
patient on their healthcare needs and make sure they have a core understanding of
what they are receiving, why they are receiving that medication or type of care,
and the importance of preventative care.


Caring has been identified as a foundational value of Nursing and it is
important you work together with your colleagues, including doctors and other
nurses to provide the best care possible to the patient. As a Nurse, you should
set the example and lead by example. For this reason, this is where leadership
and patient advocacy play an important role in being a nurse that cares. “Nurses
and other providers should also treat patients as partners in care, and seek
their feedback on the quality, as well as potential areas for improvement in
the care they received” (Rhodes, 2011, P.2). It is imperative in a patient care
everioment that working together as a team with your colleagues has an impact
on how the satisfication in care the patient receive.  



All of the points mentioned above are an integral piece of upholding patient
integrity I must be certain to attend to the patient’s comfort level, take my
time with each patient, maintain her or his dignity, and never look at simple
procedures, like baths, as menial tasks. Creating a human connection via
personalized touch and open communication are core dimensions of
patient-centered care is important when teaching them the importance on their
health and being an advocate together with your working team.


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